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August 23.1944-Romanian uprising

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(Jiashen July fifth day), August 23, 1944, the Romanian uprising.

Romanian uprising
1944 8 23, the Romanian Communist Party led the people to overthrow the reactionary rule of the German fascists and their lackeys, held an armed uprising. In 1940, the reactionary officer leader Anthony Basescu replace King established a fascist regime. In October this year, he permitted German troops entered Romania, June 1941, together with the German fascist troops, took part in the invasion of the Soviet Union war. Against the fascist regime, Luo, enacted in 1943, the political line of the organization of the armed uprising, the establishment and training patriotic Guard and guerrillas joint in all aspects of the anti-fascist forces to form a workers' united front and the National Democratic Alliance. where
in the entire summer of 1944, (L $ djτ.cōm) Communist Party held anti-Hitler uprising, Romania withdrew from the war and other issues, to negotiate and reach an agreement with the anti-fascist representative of the patriotic forces in the royal palace, the establishment of a leadership Military Commission of the uprising, and through the specific steps and plans of the armed uprising. (History today www.lssdjt.com) In August 23, the beginning of the intifada. Arrested at the palace in the afternoon, according to the plans of the Armed Services Committee, Anthony of Basescu and their cronies, overthrew a military dictatorship, the composition of the new government headed by Kang · 塞纳特斯库. The Rebels and patriotic Combat Team occupation of the principal organs of the state, and to attack and take over the seat of the German. After eight days of fighting, the Bucharest liberation. September-October, the Romanian People's Army and the Soviet coordinated operations, all driven out of the borders of the German invasion forces, the liberation of all of Romania's territory. Since then, the Romanian people to get rid of the imperialist enslavement and the rule of the landlords, the bourgeoisie, became the masters of their own country. (Lsjt.org)

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