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August 28.1987-Philippines' 8.28 "mutiny

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August 28, 1987, the fifth day of July (Dingmao years), the Philippines' 8.28 "mutiny. the

Philippines' 8.28 "mutiny
Philippines' 8.28 "mutiny
Philippines' 8.28 "mutiny
Philippines mutiny
8 months of Manila, pleasant climate. In the early hours of August 28, 1987, the street leading to the Presidential Palace in central, suddenly appeared full of heavily armed soldiers of an army of ten trucks, fast personnel carriers and a dozen military jeep, the car wrapped in a camouflage net, cross radio antenna pulled old elders.
fleet led a nimble off-road command vehicle, call - call "to sail Bridge, bar shihe. All the soldiers on board plunged the belted, murderous, chest or sleeves do with dumping over the red, white and blue flag Philippines. This flag is a symbol of war and rebellion.
rebel forces quickly into a skirmish formation across the Pasig River Bridge, near to night maraca Palace, then close.
suddenly a soldier fell, "ping! The "He firearms rang heavy hit Qiaolan.
"Who? Two Guard soldiers guarding the palace gates hurriedly out of the booth, ask questions out loud.
"Get down! Quick to get on the ground! The "
rebel officers and men all grabbing sound breathless flutter lying on the ground.
vigilant guardsmen gunman came up to the bridge.
"Oh, it was! The "
two soldiers almost simultaneously discovered the dark mass lying full rebel officers and soldiers.
"da, da, (history cn) da! "
" Da da da da ......... "
guards alarm, the shrill sound of gunfire tore a quiet night. (Lssdjt.com)
when the presidential residence of red bell suddenly rang Corazon - President Aquino has already put on a robe. She picked up the bedside microphone (on com) voice asks: "Who is it? Please speak! President of "
", Cory president ...... "Malacanang captain of the guard urgent report. "Speak slowly, Jia Siming Colonel, just I've heard the gunshots. "The report of the president, Mara Kanaan extrauterine rebels assembled. "The rebels? President "Cory smiled coldly and contemptuously said:" Oh, is that's going on, right? "
Since Corazon Aquino came to power in February 1986, just a year and a half, the Philippines has the spate four mutiny. But are short-lived and did not toss a few days will be ruined. (Lsjt.org)
"the president, the president! The rebels have been six or seven hundred people, mobilized large personnel carriers, command vehicles, radio and automatic guns, and they threw grenades, (lsjt.net) began to attack the presidential palace. "
- Rebels not only to attack the presidential palace, and at the same time surrounded by several radio stations, television stations and the national news agency in Manila. One of the two television stations have fallen into the hands of the rebels, [the history today www.TodayOnHistory.com]
- rebel Liyingwaige ten minutes prior to the occupation of the southern suburbs of the capital Wei Lamo Air Force Base. - Areas outside Manila, the rebels attacked the Central Luzon region Olivas barracks, control the southeastern Luzon Legaspi City Airport. - The country's second largest city of Cebu is also a fierce gunfight. Edgardo Avei the Cebu regional defense Executive Neenah Brigadier announced their support for the mutiny, he has ordered the troops occupied the capital of the radio station and City Hall, was put under house arrest by the governor and mayor, the control of the island of Cebu, Negros and Wright three places in the island's barracks. Ten minutes later
Corazon - Aquino calmly into the president's office.
"No, I will not leave here. Her smile looked around everyone - Secretary of State for Security Adviser, Minister of the Interior, Intelligence Minister, captain of the guard Jia Siming Colonel and daughter Bali Xi - so many people watching her, and look forward to her, waiting for her decisions. President Cory lift, raising his hand to indicate all the people to sit down. "Please believe, I will not leave, because here is where I should stay. I have not forgotten my predecessor, Ferdinand Marcos, did not forget the things that happened after he left Malacanang. "
Division - Aquino before she goes large teak desk and sat down. The intelligence minister quickly handed him a copy of the case file, the report said: "mutiny direct sponsors and commander general identification, a colonel named Gregory - Ao Nasang the. Colonel "
"? A colonel? President Cory the Aona Sang remember the name, but it is difficult to understand their rank of inconsistent instigated energy. .
"Oh, is this," Intelligence Minister seen the mystery of the presidential mind, explains: "this Ao Nasang served the captain of the guard of the former Defense Minister Enrile. "
Branch - Aquino look at her daughter, also look at the secretary suddenly remembered what. Her abnormal decisively out of a sheet of paper to write a line of characters race, folded, to the Clerk, said: "My car is not launched, From a security and out the door to the Raj Canal more than barracks, [the history today www.TodayOnHistory.com] using the fastest it to Ramos, General! The "
secretary took the note, turned and walked out of the office. President Taiwan looked at his watch: 1:52. (History www.TodayOnHistory.com)
1 52 points, Jia Siming Colonel heavy fighting back to the presidential palace door. The Guard, he has suffered a serious setback, ten soldiers were killed, some corpses splashed gasoline, fuel made a round fireball;, there are more than a dozen heads, bloody arm, lying on the palace gates on both sides; more stubbornly stick to the soldiers, do not step back. (Lsjt.org)
Jia Siming Colonel climbed among them, whispered command: "Quick, come with me launch roadblocks car, close the door! "The bloody struggle soldier captain of the guard, then reminded they whirring Lala to launch already ready and strange shape roadblocks car from the palace gates. This is the truck chassis restructuring a mobile roadblocks, car bulky pieces of iron welded into a fence, Emergency Incident can be used to stop vehicles and pedestrians, blocking unexpected attack. A few more roadblocks cars end to end, along the Mara Kanaan Gong Menqian inclined ramp, heavy and powerful decline, slip, slip. Swarm of rebel officers and men of this sudden roadblocks car threatened to rip the swarthy monster could not see in the smoke of the fire, a dodge, just tangle queue suddenly very confusing ...... < ; br> at this time, along the Avenue of the distant sounds burst rumbling engine sound, army armored personnel carriers toward the rebels drove up to the Presidential Palace Guard reinforcements arrive to see, suddenly the morale side the gun out of Malacanang. the
rebel leaders see that the game was lost, beaten and escaped the Pasig River Bridge.
presidential secretary send commands to General Aguilar multi barracks Ramos, Aquino ordered by the Division, was ambushed by the rebels when his sedan from the barracks near the highway corner. Presidential secretary fatal car crash. Thanks to Ramos General Guard arrived in time to repel the rebels, the president's command and it did not fall into enemy hands. Expand goes
Ramos crumpled paper side colored blood presidential memo, above the Branch President Aquino handwritten commands:
never compromise to the rebels ! ...!
"Ao Nasang! "General Ramos teeth clenched, when he knows today mutiny turn his curly black beard Army colonel commanding generals on the angry, apologetic harder and harder - July 6, 1986 More than 300 soldiers loyal to Marcos in Manila Hotel to launch the first mutiny the failed mutiny unpopular, and soon. Ramos generals crushed mutiny joy, inspections rebel officers and soldiers arrested, have not noticed the corner of the room a pair of hostile and cunning eyes. November 23, 1986, after more than four months, Aona Sang support of former Defense Minister Enrile, conspiracy launched a second mutiny, only about a few hours now, mutiny Division Aquino Government timely defeat. Results, Enrile was relieved defense minister to Aona Sang has been transferred from Manila to Central Luzon region McGonagall race barracks. Ramos remember the day he was Aona Sang shoulders a heavy shot, said: "Young man, you have the capability, but unfortunately too little child, if you can mobilize troops is not 200, but 2000, then perhaps you succeed! "Aona Sang immediately turned and replied:" General, I will. "That is, the generals had and do not care, because victory is worth of Jiaozuo not a rebel colonel, but generals! January 27, 1987, about 400 self-proclaimed the "Marcos believers" soldiers in the capital to launch the third mutiny. The rebels captured a television station, a rebel soldiers were killed in the crossfire. The general rate of troops surrounded the television building. Before the attack, to Aona Sang persuade Ramos generals not to resort to force, not to destroy the television transmission system, the military confrontation 60 hours after the final settlement of the conflict in a peaceful manner. Fourth mutiny occurred a month ago, in July 1987, four exile Marcos contact officers prepared once again to launch an attack, the results were arrested unexpectedly Yes, there is not even a black beard which the four officers Ona Sang! The generals fully believe Aona Sang is his deterrence overawed, not knowing that he is lurking minions, waiting for the opportunity. This is not, he came to, he realized the general promise not led a detachment of 200, but led by five battalions, led by helicopters, armored vehicles and light artillery, triumphantly coming ... & hellip ;
last batch of army personnel evacuation of the General Command of the building, and has quickly crossed the street, crossed the barricades, transferred to the security police headquarters across the street from Camp Aguinaldo. Ramos, chief of the general staff of his temporary command post was established here. He knows, The Coolness is temporary, a battle, a less auspicious difficult in the death struggle is about to begin. In the early morning of August 28, 2011 at 28 points, the army commanded by General Ramos to the rebel-held Aguinaldo barracks attack.
two bombers at low altitude flying dive bomb the General Command of the building occupied by the rebels. The bomb explosion in the floor, side corner of the building collapse, consigned to the flames. Then, government forces mortars, rocket launchers also repeatedly bombarded Camp Aguinaldo, watchtowers, ammunition storage and pump house have all been destroyed, the rebels suffered heavy casualties and retreated to the General Command of the building, the building, although there are several places damaged, but as the armed forces headquarters, this building exceptionally sturdy. Below ground to prevent wars and accidents Incident has two basement, stocked with plenty of weapons, ammunition and food, water, the hidden Ministry call service computer-controlled systems and combat readiness car. from dawn to dusk, the see-saw between rebels and government forces on the War of Resistance Against Japan,
has lasted more than ten hours, the stubborn resistance of the rebels, government forces repulsed the four or five attacks. The rebel soldiers
casualties tragedy, someone got cold feet, and was unable to withstand the shelling set fire to piles of rubble played unfurled trembling.
over! Aona Sang clenched cracked lips. watch
he looked blue Yingying the luminous Biaozhen of: 8:19 Aona Sang somewhat anxiously looking around the west in the clouds gradually engulfed by twilight heaven and earth Heichen Chen bonded together. State forces victory in hand, are piles of ruins escorted prisoners payment received weapons also search around warily, Aona Sang know who they are searching. (L $ djτ.ЙЁT)
...... Suddenly, the "buzz buzz" A low engine sound laden with the blast, Youyuanerjin to leap out. awakened
Aona Sang from stunted, pick up eye I looked, could not help but grin: "ah, come! In the end is coming! "
One light helicopter hover in mid-air, half-opened the cabin door was issue Contact signal.
"stop it stop! "We are our friends! "This is a group of remnants is simply happy mad, a wildly toward the helicopter.
Aona Sang first climbed the ladder and got into the cabin ...... few minutes later, Ramos generals and Malacanang families, President Aquino almost simultaneously received a warning call: & ldquo The; ...... barracks south-east corner found the rebels helicopter. "
" [Cn] of force to intercept history!
Generals and President decisive command, but late. "The report, the helicopter has full speed exited the theater. "Height - low altitude flight, about 30 meters from the ground. "Flight direction - north of Manila, fled to the province of Quirino ......" The General and the President knew that, the capital of the north, mountains, jungles, vast gray Stretching constantly Madrid mountain and in the Cordillera mountains, Enrile hometown is 8.28 "mutiny hotbeds.
Philippines mutiny mutiny

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