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December 30.2003-Hong Kong's entertainment "Mui" Anita Mui died

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(癸未 eighth day of the twelfth lunar month), December 30, 2003, the Hong Kong entertainment industry "Mui Anita Mui died.

Hong Kong's entertainment "Mui" Anita Mui died
Hong Kong's entertainment "Mui" Anita Mui died
Anita Mui, Guangxi Autonomous origin, born on October 10, 1963, Mong Kok, Hong Kong. She was very young began to learn to sing, at age 6 began to stage a public concert. At school, in the evening, she often with sister Ann Mui went out to concerts to earn money to maintain a family life. 1982, (l $ djτ.ōrɡ) Anita opportunity to emerge in the entertainment, Television Broadcasts Limited of Hong Kong held its first annual singing on the rookie contest, she won a "wind season. James Wong and Koo are competition judge, after listening to Anita Mui died "target =" _blank "> Anita concert are scared to Heaven, James Wong gave her a score of 50 points, and as the judge President of the Joseph Koo gave him 49 points, won the championship at the Tokyo Music Festival in 1983 was awarded a Special Award in Asia.
in 2003, she "celebrity face-to-face visit, said:" If you want me again re-election again, my two-year-old that period, the name of it. "spend Eph New World" in 1994 visit she also said that part of the exotic love, he is a human circle As for Andy, he Ame appreciate the good friend, Mui said: "Andy and I are friends of ten years, with each other too well to know the other secret friends, it is impossible to do a couple, because love is blind We know so much about the inappropriate. "In 2003 11 th -15 th, Anita Classic Moment 2003 (8 games) breaking away from pop music to become a swan song December 30, 2003 2:50 (nine years ago), the only Diamond idol Award winner, good character, good singing, acting good Hong Kong showbiz Big Sister Anita Mui caused cervical cancer in the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital lung function disorders tragically died, aged 40 years old. (? v history today?? com)
Anita Mui ^ 45 ^ All wma name = "mediaplayerfile"> "Qinmi lover" plum Walkers

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