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August 23.1939-Japanese surrounded Hong Kong

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On July ninth day (JiMao years), August 23, 1939, Japanese troops surrounded.

Japanese surrounded Hong Kong
surrounded by Japanese warships in Hong Kong on August 13,
1939, the Japanese army to cut off the supply lines of the Chinese army, so Eighteenth Division the cis Pearl assembled Humen, (1 $ dj¦Ó.c¨­m) ready to attack Shenzhen, and informed the British authorities not to hinder the Japanese action. In the evening, the the Eighteenth Division from Humen set sail the next day, at dawn in Baoan near the landing. Defenders Yu Han-mou first five three divisions, 159 divisions is not a fight, the Japanese have not been any resistance to that occupation of Shenzhen, the 15th occupied Sha Tau Kok.
8, 23, more than 1,600 Japanese troops gathered Baoan threat to Hong Kong. Hong Kong authorities to adjust the aircraft from Singapore 100 enriched defense, and collection the British Overseas served Xunshao. The next day, Shenzhen, the Japanese continued to increase to 4000. 25, more than 40 ships of the Japanese army size ship suddenly outside Hong Kong, Guangdong and the Hong Kong traffic completely cut off, the British naval authorities decided to blockade the sea.

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