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August 23.1946-The big traitor Chu China Friendship Executed

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August 23, 1946 (July 27) BingXu the big traitor Chu Min Yi Executed.

The big traitor Chu China Friendship Executed
1946 August 23, 2010, Chu Min Yi, Wang government high officials at the death penalty to a traitor sin. China Yi Chu Executed "target =" _blank "> China Yi Chu was sentenced to death after remand detention center soon shifted ban lion's mouth Jiangsu third prison to await execution. Chu initially nervous and not eating all day eyes looking at the ceiling, then gradually settle down, and uncharacteristically, actually let in fresh air when playing tai chi, also greatly increased appetite. Yi's wife
Chu Min Chen Shunzhen reconciled to her husband the death penalty, pending the firing squad, returned to Nanjing after two lawyers a law suit at the High Court Prosecutors seek Please commutation, and soon was dismissed early in the morning of August 23, 2011
the Suzhou High Court, received the command of the Ministry of Justice Chu Min Yi executed immediately arranging temporary court in the lion's mouth prison prosecutors to send bailiffs to sign mentioning commit (l $ j¦Ó.c¨½)
this time coincided spreading rumors, Chu Min Yi tai chi in the hallway, seeing this know the dates of death has to, he sighed, requires changing enter prison room, the whole body to change into new clothes, left hand holding prayer beads string, stepped out of the kennel. bailiff escorted the the Chu China friendship through the door of the women's prison, (1 $ dj¦Ó.c¨­m) shake hands Do not separated grilles Chu Chen wall Jun Chen a handkerchief mask face and cry.
to court, the prosecutor asked: "any last words?" Chu A: "No last words, my life and death all a very calm, raw solid nothing ashamed, dead valuable. hopes send my remains no gift Zhuang Bo Xi Hospital, anatomy, I surface stalwart and internal actual illness, offer medical scientists. "
execution site [1 $ dj¦Ó.c¨­m] Chu Min Yi Fu to edge of the left side of the fence, the executive bailiff cartridges gun catch them by surprise, since the shot shells in the head after the hair down went, shot and killed.
the Chen Shunzhen rate of the children rushed to the court three supervisors, Chu has Executed a the hour carry on. immediately to procedures for collar corpse and relics back Ruguan Shoulian. (L $ dj¦Ó.§«§§T)

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