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August 23.1950-China, Hong Kong singer Alan Tam was born

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On July tenth day (GY), August 23, 1950 China, Hong Kong singer Alan Tam was born.

China, Hong Kong singer Alan Tam was born
China, Hong Kong singer Alan Tam was born
Alan Tam, Hong Kong's famous singer, born on August 23, 1950 in Hong Kong, claiming to mid-25-year-old, Cantonese pop music superstar, music honorific title Tan Xiaozhang. the
worked loser band (Loosers) members in 1973, Alan Tam, Kenny Bee, Bennett Pang, Chen You, Ronald Ip five organizations established band Wynners Wynners, Alan Tam any of the lead singer, is the team at that time a prominent band , to lay the foundation for the later success of Alan Tam Wynners albums, movies, TV shows, and concerts popular in the whole of Southeast Asia, and has received numerous awards, even in today, every five years, "surfaced last Wynners the band still has a large number of fans, each concert, to join those who have been impressive. the solo
, 1979 Her debut CD "Toy Star, then went to Taiwan to make a movie in 1981 with" If I really won the Taiwan Golden Horse winner, in 1982, she first arrived in 1984. early 1985 during the launch of three albums Wu Zhilian "" the root of love "," love trap ", known as" Love Trilogy "to lay their superstar status, sweep the next 84 to 87 fourth & ldquo ; Most Popular Male Singer Award "in the 1987 Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award ceremony on February 13, 1988, announced its withdrawal from the race nature of the music game program, after continue to make records, and vigorously carrying and pointing newcomers. The (lsjt.org)
myth as the pop music of the eighties, Alan Tam has no record, the Wynners band era, often create platinum sales achievements even opened in 1985 at the Hong Kong Coliseum 20 concerts on again in 1989 the record to create even opened a record 38 concerts, while most fans relish concert held in 1994, the Hong Kong Stadium, including hits such as "could not speak Goodbye & rdquo ; perennial occupy Kara OK hall song list of the first to dominate the whole of Chinese music, and his high-quality and high-yielding. For decades, Hong Kong singer countless heroes, only he is the only superstars across 70.80.90 era as well as the new century.
Review: the Tan Xiaozhang

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