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August 23.1958-People's Liberation Army shelling of Kinmen

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August 23, 1958 (the Hundred Days, July ninth day), the People's Liberation Army shelling of Kinmen. the

People's Liberation Army shelling of Kinmen
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1958 August 23, 2010, [on cn Fujian frontline troops of PLA was ordered KMT Kinmen Defense forces and artillery positions and other important military targets and transport ships heading for the Golden Gate under heavy artillery fire, killing the Kinmen Defense Commander Jixing Wen Zhao Gushan, Zhang Jie, three will be damaged transport ship one. 24 to September 8, front-line army and navy joint operations and sunk wounded Kuomintang two ships, and blockade the Golden Gate. U.S. government to get rid of the passive situation for the KMT army escort, to induce the KMT army to withdraw from the coastal islands, in order to create "two Chinas" conspiracy. CPC Central Committee crushed the conspiracy of the United States decided to Kinmen, Matsu is holding the U.S. imperialism, October 6, Defense Minister Peng Dehuai "Notice, Peng Jin, Ma Junmin Compatriots", announced the end of Golden Gate shelling week, so KMT army to restore supplies, but the U.S. military may not escort for the conditions.
this battle is a large-scale war between the Kuomintang authorities retreated to Taiwan, cross-strait army occurred. Both sides by land, sea and air forces have an exchange of fire lasted 60 days, this battle is a military demonstration of U.S. interference in China's internal affairs.

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