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August 24.1101-Song writer Su Shi's death

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August 24, 1101 (July 28), Government House, the Northern Song Dynasty writer Su Shi's death. death of

Song writer Su Shi's death
Song writer Su Shi's death
Song writer Su Shi's death
Su Shi "target =" _blank "> of Su Shi the word Zizhan, Sichuan Meishan people born in the year 1037, 21-year-old began to enter the career, has twice any Tuge Bachelor in Beijing, office of the book Scheeren, Bingbushangshu, rites, etc., but incompatible with those in power political views, and his repeated relegate most of the time to do local officials, passed away on August 24, 1101 (lunar July 28), year-round 64-year-old spread
Su Shi Tang Dynasty, Han Yu, Liu and Song Ouyang Xiu, Su Xun, Su Che, Wang, Zeng Gong together later known literature on the Tang and Song. posterity Su Shi's poetry over 2800 first the book traces survive in the world have the "Ode", paintings tracks have Takeishi map.
Su Shi after the age of 46 since the number Dongpo, the private sector is Su name very familiar, even in daily life, there are many names of the Dongpo towel, Pork, Dongpo tofu (Lssdjt.com)
Su Shi's why, since the number Dongpo? "Dongpo" was Huangzhou (Hubei Huanggang) outside the east gate a mountain in the distance slopes, the original naturalization battalion soldiers settlement, abandoned the course of time became rubble strewn desolation. Song Shenzong Genpo early years, [TodayinHistory.cn] Su Shi friends Ma Zhengqing slander Emperor falsely accused of writing poetry, Exile granted Huangzhou militia Fushi, the name of a member of the local military officer, the actual barns Lu sever junction sin officials, living in straitened circumstances. (1 $ djτ.cōm) application to know the state this piece of wasteland revert to Su Shi farming were allowed Su Shi, (L $ djτ.ЙЁT) the life "Gonggeng, the cattle a cultivated fields half are, sow rice and wheat, more than one port of the food problem finally were available. slight improvement in living, Su Shi tackled residence problem he found on one side of the "Dongpo" a waste vegetable garden seat covered humilis application as foundations, building housing. completed in the main house in the snow, naming "Xue Tang, Su Shi" Su Xue Tang personally inscribed plaque hanging in the head. Later, his writings are mostly with "Dongpo" in the name, such as "East the slope set "," Su Shi Lin "and so on.
Su is not just a flower writers put pen to paper, renowned in the history of our literature, and a large number of historical facts prove that, in the natural sciences, he also made a lot of contribution in medicine, he and the Northern Song Shen Kuo co-Su Shen recipe, is a world-famous medical book is a precious heritage of our medical treasure trove of a book of 18 volumes, total prescriptions over 170 agents, discusses 60, has had dozens of versions circulating, this book was very popular in Japan so far in the health aspects, He asked health "," foster parents of health "," Health said, "more than 20 articles, the important points of his health science vegetative Yat can labor "and" constructive criticism can be felling sick and can not be health He also advocated the practice Qigong, stressed that the diet should be moderate, more eat more vegetables, optimistic, open-minded, these arguments are still some scientific value in the popularization of science, he had promoted Hubei farmers planting seedlings horse, the Sichuan salt the Tsutsui water Gou Law, Sichuan cloth head letterhead paper. "Peony Hutchison sequence" recorded him the research through the biological variation of sex. "wine by", he detailed introduction of koji and winemaking technology in "Su Shi miscellaneous piano thing "profiled ancient Steinway piano" Ray piano and he also studied several ten kinds of chemical change of the substance and nature, a sense of chi in the phenomena of nature rough talk "and" species "in the two books, records a wide range scientific knowledge, a total of more than 1200, since there are some scientific reference value.

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