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August 25.1894-Japanese biologists found plague germs

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(Jiawu July 25), August 25, 1894, the Japanese biologists discovered the plague bacteria. Kitasato,

Japanese biologists found plague germs
Chaisan Lang
In 1894, Japan scholar Kitasato Chaisan Lang and French bacteriologist A. Yersinia, almost at the same time in 1894 of Hong Kong during the plague epidemic is found that the pathogen is a bacteria, this bacterium later named Yersinia bacillus (Yersinia pestis), also commonly known as Y. pestis. Plague, also known as the Black Death, generally popular with the first mouse occasionally other rodents wildlife caused by the spread of the plague, rat flea bites untreated plague fatality rate as high as 50% to 70%. Several times devastating plague pandemic in human history. the progress

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