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August 25.1912-Chinese Nationalist Party was proclaimed

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August 25, 1912 (, Yam Tze July 13), the Chinese Nationalist Party was established.

Chinese Nationalist Party was proclaimed
is generally acclaimed as the leader of the Kuomintang Sun Yat-sen In August 1912, the United League, a unified Republican Party, the National Convention Party, nationals together and Republican real Advancement of five political groups rally in Beijing Anqing Hall KMT reached an agreement on the merger. 13, 2009, issued a declaration saying: "republic of the system, a national of the country the main, I in the people did not forget its meaning, so the Yen Dubbed the KMT. "
25 at 1:00 pm, the KMT the inaugural meeting held at the Huguangkuaiguan just the day before, arrived in Beijing Sun Yat-sen auspices. The Sun remarks: "The country's political parties, was originally set up to promote the politics conducted, it is the world's civilized nations all political parties in order to maintain the. Today together five major political parties of a Kuomintang, very great forces, to promote Republican politics carried, when the effect of the great. But looking gentlemen vibrating brush spirit, and strive to the development of the party, hoping Pi in the country. Chemical control bourne and shall not discriminate against different party, not held by each party see. "
General Assembly adopted the" KMT political Declaration and political platforms. Declaration advocates the "one country, political parties Hing should only bipartisan confrontation, should not be a small party of discrete". Platforms of a total of five items: (1) to contribute to political unity. (2) the development of local self-government. (3) ethnic assimilation. (4) focus on livelihood policies. (5) maintenance of international peace. Platforms of deleting the United League average land ownership "and" men and women equal rights "agenda" force seeking international equality "is changed to" the maintenance of international peace. (History cn)
Assembly elected 9 artificially director of Sun Yat-sen, Huang Xing, Song, Yen Hsi-shan, Zhang, Li Lieh-chun, Hu Ying of 30 Senate. After the establishment of the Kuomintang, the largest party in the domestic.

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