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September 1.1968-Chang Yung-fa founded Evergreen Marine Corporation

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(Shigenobu leap July ninth day), September 1, 1968, Chang Yung-fa founded Evergreen Marine Corporation.

Chang Yung-fa founded Evergreen Marine Corporation
1968 09 01, Chang Yung-fa founded Evergreen Marine Corporation.
whether it is in the United States, San Francisco, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, South Africa or Cape Town, or even in Shanghai, China, can be seen painted with "Evergreen" (Evergreen Marine) of green container car in the Street on speeding. After years of effort, Evergreen Marine has the world's largest container fleet, more outstanding performance of Taiwan's multinational Group founder Chang Yung-fa in the world enjoys the reputation of the shipping tycoon.
Chang Jung discovered aged 76 years, belongs to the older generation of entrepreneurs in Taiwan. Although he only vocational school at night Ministry degree, a distinguished lineage, like the hero of the game "Age of Discovery", the cause started from a boat age 20 the only forty-five one hundred tons of old cargo ship after 40 years of hard work, and now owns a huge fleet of nearly 150 container ships.
Currently, the Evergreen Group has developed into a sea, air, inland transportation, container, hotels, manufacturing and other business multinational conglomerates. In addition to the flagship Evergreen Marine, and another ten affiliates, respectively the transport Evergreen, Evergreen Heavy, UNI shipping, Evergreen, Evergreen container, UNI Air, EVA Air, Evergreen Construction, Rong Gang Heavy, Evergreen Sky Catering and other companies. According to a conservative estimate of Chang Jung from the bottom of nearly 20 billion U.S. dollars of assets, has been ranked 241 in the 1999 Forbes rich list.
point out: the the Evergreen shipping industry has been operating a "through-train" network

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