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August 27.1624-National hero Zheng Chenggong was born

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August 27, 1624 the (JiaZi July 14), the national hero Zheng Chenggong was born. the death of

Zheng Chenggong "target =" _blank "> Zheng Chenggong (1624 -1662), the Ming and Qing Dynasties national hero, the famous military strategist in the history of our country, politicians, whose real name is Sen, young Mingfu Song, word Ming Yan, wood, Han, Nanan City, Fujian Province, Shijing Town. born on August 27, 1624 in Japan's Nagasaki Prefecture Hirado Trinidad Bin historical records his "juvenile intelligent and heroic and promising age of 11 had a witty, wrote an article: "Boy when the sweep cope retreat", so its text says: Tang Wu of the levy that goes for a sweep also; Yao and Shun Yi make a retreat to deal with also. division moved praise. father, Zheng Zhilong www.TodayOnHistory.com)
Zheng Chenggong, a pirate origin of the Ming Dynasty generals (on the mother is Japanese, called Tian Chuanshi. born in Kyushu, Japan Hirado Phan, native of Henan Province Gushi County, Wang shed Township of Deng damiaocun. Hiromitsu Jiansheng, Ming Shao Zong surname Zhu, and seal Zhongxiao primary, which is commonly known as "Koxinga" origin. Qing Fujian, his father, Zheng Zhilong welcome drop, he cried remonstrance do not listen, revolted Ming forces. and after Zhang Huangyan Union division Northern Expedition, vibration southeast. Minglong Wu February 2002 (1646), Long Emperor Wu (the Ming Tang king Zhu Yu key) moved to Yanping government. March Zheng Chenggong Chen Yanping to Long Emperor Wu "Article": "As far as risk control briefly, to pick the enterprising the ship together attack, the Tongyang margin Nations (later known Yanping bars Chan"), Long Emperor Wu of sigh for odd policy, Zheng Chenggong "Zhongxiao primary gift Shang Fang sword hanging." Pacification General "India. military headquarters located in Yanping, naval training base patrol Nanping, Fujian, Zhejiang and Jiangxi frontier in late August, of Zheng Chenggong said goodbye Long Emperor Wu Yanping Minjiang and Qing battle, confrontation is adverse, the rate of division south. "then dense with a trip to escape the Golden Gate to the Pacification large rose in revolt of the generals "in the name of lift gold, buildings along the coast.? Yongli 2007 (1653) (history www.lssdjt.com) Long Emperor Wu Zheng Chenggong" Yanping public Yongli twelve (1658) the first month, Zheng Chenggong Ming Emperor Yongli Jin called "Koxinga", the descendants also known as Zheng Chenggong Zheng Yanping. Kangxi reign (1662), the rate of the officers and men of tens of thousands of people, from Xiamen Wo Liu Port, Taiwan, landing, defeating the Dutch colonists recover Taiwan, and construction of Taiwan, but also made him shine through the ages, leaving a legacy, but then in tropical coupled with health conditions are relatively poor, Zheng Chenggong to Taiwan not as long as infected with the epidemic, and died on June 23, 1662 (lunar eighth day) alive for 38 years.

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