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August 27.1883-Krakatau volcanic eruption

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August 27, 1883 (July 25) 癸未 the the Krakatau volcanic eruptions. Krakatau volcano, located in the southern part of the island of Sumatra and Java Island waters

Krakatau volcanic eruption
emitting ash and steam
27, 1883, the famous Kerala Katuo volcano three times. Third eruption occurred violent explosion, the entire area is filled with dust, rubble and toxic gases, the sky is dark, 560 km outside the island of Java Kali Meng can be heard an explosion.
island of Java, volcanic eruption, this terrible fountain spray spit hot lava into the sky. One hundred kilometers long Hom when the fall of the sea the the Andean volcanic mountains in the sound of explosions sank into the sea from the island of Java Card Pu Sen angle to 内格里巴索朗 grid 80 square kilometers of the lot. There are 15,000 residents in the Negri city disappeared in the waves. Impact vast areas of Java, Sumatra and other dozens of meters high waves at breakneck speed. West Indies 300 cities and towns were flooded and destroyed. Volcanic eruptions caused by the earthquake and tsunami, gravel, dust in the air and rolling radius of more than four hundred square kilometers of the sky pitch dark. 2500 kilometers away from the volcano far seas are covered with a thick layer of volcanic ash on the deck of the vessel. Tens of thousands of corpses floating in the water. Lauren ship not far from Krakatau, ship, sailing adventure, barely escaped disaster in the tsunami-hit. However, waves to throw it on throwing. The crew watched in horror the seaside town of destruction is at hand. Residents of of Merak Island and it sank 14 new the crater rises from the sea, Breath magma, gas, stones. In Java Qiliboen, hundreds of people were killed.
Baron layout monasteries, unparalleled in the history of this oriental architectural masterpiece in the attacks of magma and flying rocks into the ruins. The monastery was built in AD 790, the temple over four thousand statues exquisite relief, reflecting the history of the development of Buddhism. (Historical earthquake and tsunami of www.lssdjt.com)
and countless rock, fiery magma towns, islands one destroyed. Alameda Island is covered, Sri Lanka Gul Island, Karl Maier island, Vilna Staten Island was submerged. The Sunda Strait lighthouse extinguished. Mellac Island 2500 quarrymen only three survived. Lauren No. gingerly pulled out of the area of ​​the earthquake and tsunami. When the captain of the boat sail Anjar fortress, where he found only a seaman in the corpse heap daze.
Krakatau volcano triggered earthquakes across the sea, has been spread to 2800 km outside the capital, Colombo (Sri Lanka), Ceylon, and India's second-largest city 4300 km outside Mumbai. Cape Horn 8,000 kilometers away, the waves sprang to the land speed of over 500 kilometers per hour.
Krakatau volcanic eruption dust a considerable part of the stay at high altitude up to two years to make the world a quite unusual phenomenon in most areas. In the Seychelles, the sun seems to be a fog sunset, the sky is fire red. In Natal, the bright red sky gradually turns green and purple. In South America, people saw the sun is blue. In Panama, the sun turns green. In Honolulu, months enjoying the green sunset. Sky Caixia color so red that people in remote areas of the State of Connecticut, USA, to fire more than once to report to the fire department.
the eruption claimed the lives of more than 50,000 people.

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