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September 1.1998-Russian online auction Nazis file

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September 1, 1998 (July 11) Tiger years, the Russian online auction of Nazi files. the

to the West, Russia is to sell a number of secret Nazi files, including Hitler's chief liaison officer Martin - Borman diary. It is said that this batch file is obtained in the final stages of World War II, Soviet Red Army captured Berlin.
these about 1 million files may provide new clues to researchers of World War II. Including not only the Nazi files, and include some of the Germans back to Berlin after the fall of France, France file. When the Soviet Red Army put these files mounted in a metal box, shipped by train to Moscow. For security reasons, the Soviets again they dispersed to other cities and rural preservation.
Moscow reporter involved in the sale of these files Isla El - Shamir, said: "These files are disorganized heap in the government storeroom doors locked. Almost forget it, the only show that was moving signs some files on Beria's handwriting. "
80 late after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Moscow announced that scholars and historians can look up the batch file, but no one went to see. No one knows that a metal box placed where the contents of the file loaded these files.
several Russian entrepreneurs a private company last year to the Russian government, they are willing to pay for inventory batch files, allow them to develop the value of the batch file, the government agreed to their proposal. The company has now decided that the sale of these files. Shamir
batch file ownership may be disputed, the Russian company decided to sell only a copy of the batch file. The following is a list of the company to provide batch file:
- Martin - Borman diary in January-May 1945, it recorded the life of Hitler in the final stages of the Berlin basement.
- SS commander Heinrich - Himmler's personal files. An Irish poet, (history TodayOnHistory.com) Nobel laureate William Butler Yeats visit to Berlin in 1938, wrote his letter, that Nazi Germany left him a deep impression. - World War I, when Germany's chief of staff, General Ludendorff 1919-1923 Germany's intelligence chief Walter - Nicholas among hundreds of sealed letters. Rudolph
- Nicholas Hitler's aide-de-camp, the same year in 1920-1939 - communication between Hess.
- helped Hitler became German Chancellor Franz - Feng - Papen's personal files, including letters between him Hitler, Himmler and Hess. the
- French intelligence agencies two Bureau of some files, the disclosure of which the person in charge of the Havas news agency France (1933-1937), set up in Berlin, the reporter Paul - Ravou actually a French spy.
Shamir said, he could not reveal who is the company's background, as well as working with Western buyers all negotiations. So far, they are through the Internet auction batch file. He said: "This company does not have an address, it exists in cyberspace. "

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