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September 3.1941-Chinese army regained Fuzhou

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(July 12), Government House, September 3, 1941, the Chinese army recovered Fuzhou. Japanese troops took looted supplies rout

Chinese army regained Fuzhou

1941 September 3, 2010, the Japanese soldiers in the Chinese army's violent attack exit Fuzhou. After the Japanese occupation of Fuzhou, Fuzhou, various forms of anti-Japanese mass organizations have attacked the enemy with the areas in Fuzhou Kuomintang Army Strikes Back. (L $ djτ.ōrɡ) KMT the 13 supplemental soldiers training at Director Meet the volunteered departure rate equipment group's army, the commander of the first column of the twenty-fifth Army Commander-in-Chief Chen Yi life Meet the Nanping starting two routes to the fight against the Japanese. Lee ordered training regiment guards Nanping, since the rate of equipment group along the Minjiang East, blocking maneuver situation Baisha the Tongkou Japanese Great Lakes, and then launch a campaign, more than 700 Japanese casualties, the Great Lakes all recover.
8 19, the third theater commander Executive Guzhu Tong, telephone order stationed in Fujian's twenty-fifth Army carried out the assault, the Japanese-occupied areas. The Japanese failed due to the Great Lakes Battle, Fuzhou, Changle, Lianjiang, Fuqing County guerrilla forces flared up fight, plus the Fuzhou region supplies scarce, so not only can not continue to expand the occupied territories, and occupied areas difficult to stick to forced to retreat to prepare.
Meet the led the troops to the Tongkou assault on August 28, forcing the Japanese returned on the 31st Fuzhou, Ministry and Lee Road on September 1 by the Tongkou 分兵 two: on Laos, under the prime, the new store all the way to the Mawei Min'an; way pocket from hongshanqiao to Gap. At the same time, the counties guerrillas CCP leadership and Fuzhou KMT garrison, from each Fangde to the Japanese counterattack, and finally forced the Japanese splitter full retreat on September 3, Fuzhou and other retrocession.

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