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September 2.1865-The death of the Irish physicist, mathematician Hamiltonian

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In (Yi Chou, July 13), September 2, 1865, the death of the Irish physicist, mathematician Hamiltonian.

The death of the Irish physicist, mathematician Hamiltonian
the hamiltonian (1805-1865), born on August 4, 1805 in Dublin, Ireland, the father was a junior lawyer in the city of Dublin. Hamiltonian since childhood, clever, known as a child prodigy. His three-year-old can read English, will be the arithmetic; the aged Nengyi Latin, Greek and Hebrew, and can recite the Homeric epics;-year-old will be familiar with Persian, Arabic and Hindi. The age of 14, the to welcome Ambassador Persian Persian ambassador conversation banquet in Dublin shine. Into the famous Trinity College entrance exam the first results in 1823, after outstanding and has won the Institute of Classical literature and science's highest honor. In the years 1823-1824, he completed a thesis papers on geometry and optical, which in December 1924 to the Royal Irish Academy meeting the caustic curve papers, caused the attention of the scientific community. June 10, 1827, only 22 years old Hamiltonian appointed Dun Xinke Research Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Observatory and professor of astronomy at Trinity College.
1832, became a Fellow of the Royal Irish Academy. 1834, published a historical paper "A dynamic universal method," a new milestone in the dynamics of the development process. 1843 formally proposed quaternion (quaternion), which is an important outcome of the algebra. Held in Dublin, the British Association for the Advancement of Science in 1835, was elected Chairman, and the same year was awarded a knighthood. In 1836, the Royal Society awarded the Royal Medal for his achievements on the optical. In 1837, he was appointed president of the Royal Irish Academy, until 1845. In 1863, the newly formed American Academy appointed Hamiltonian is one of 14 foreign academicians.
his research work involves a lot of areas, the most fruitful in optics, mechanics and quaternion. His study of the optical geometrical optics, mathematical properties; mechanics is listed in the kinetic equation and its solution; therefore Hamiltonian mathematician. But the greatest impact in the history of science, but his contribution to the mechanics.
1865 9 2 Hamiltonian died in Dublin.

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