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September 1.1906-Qing government announced preliminary constitutionalism

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September 1, 1906 (July 13), Ping Wu, Qing government announced the constitutionalism. September

1906 1, the Qing court released Shangyudang, announced preliminary constitutionalism.
Shangyudang: our decree, falling into relative still day at the perilous risk, and worry urgent, non-wide seeking intellectual, but also set the rule of law, on no to Cheng Zuzong create the heart under no comfort minister Shu Zhiping of hope. Asian countries so rich and powerful, in fact, due to the implementation of the Constitution depends on public opinion, one ruler and hold the same opinions, absorbing specify permissions. When today, only timely and detailed clarity Zhen nuclear Imitating constitutional power system in court, Shu political to public opinion, legislation national Wannian proper way of base. However, the current regulatory system is not prepared, wisdom is not open, if it is engaged in the act with undue haste, Acts decorated null and void, why a national Zhao Daxin? Therefore, clearance of long-standing abuse stipulates enjoined, will start from the Bureaucracy. First Bureaucracy, respectively, agreed and sequential Zhang. Details of the various laws carefully deciding, but Kwong Hing education, clean up the financial rectify Wubei general located Patrol, the gentleman and people clear national policy, the Constitution Preparation basis. As soon after a few years, the scale of coarse with View the circumstances, the Senate countries became law, properly proposed constitutional implement deadline again to announce the world. "

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