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September 2.1914-Japanese troops landed in Shandong

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(Jiayin, July 13), September 2, 1914, the Japanese landed in Shandong. The The the Japanese warships

Japanese troops landed in Shandong
carrying Army attack Qingdao, (lssjt.cn) landed at Laoshan Bay
1914 August 23, 2010, [1 $ djτ.cōm] Japan declared war on Germany. Sept. 2, more than 2,000 of the Japanese Eighteenth Division landed Huangxian Longkou, Shandong, forcing the Chamber of Commerce for its mule car 1000 Fusako hundreds issue military bill to force the Chinese people to use. The next day, there are the Japanese 3000 landing. on
10, the Japanese occupation roughness, forced the county governor and hundreds WanJin supply meat few Flemingia and wheat, rice, fuel, limited to 5 days to surrender expired by military law to punish. And posted notices, five Chinese people declared chopped law: to impede the Japanese all actors at the chop;, cut off the power supply or pour the loss by beheading;, arrests send or specified informer generous rewards; knowledge of sin does not cite harboring bandits, the neighbors xiangbao severely Offences;, such as in the village there is one person who obstructs the Japanese actors, the village the people do to beheading punishments. The blatant Chinese people as the vanquished. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Northern Government for this protest to Japan, and Japan ignored. (Lsjt.net)
17, (L $ djτ.ЙЁT) Japanese troops occupy Jiaozhou railway station, the best line of the expulsion of the Chinese police. In the 26th, the occupation of the the Weixian station. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Northern Government protested and demanded the immediate withdrawal of Japanese troops, "to re-letter Mu. The Japanese Minister Hioki benefits Shiqiang sophistry actually Jiaoji Road German industry, Japan has the right to occupation has nothing to do with China and to the Chinese troops to withdraw, otherwise conflict with Japan to China to help Germany.

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