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September 4.1941-Nazi surrounded Leningrad

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September 4, 1941 (July 13), Government House, the Nazis surrounded Leningrad.

Nazi surrounded Leningrad
Nazi surrounded Leningrad
large numbers of civilians killed by hunger In In September, the German encirclement of Leningrad tightened tightly surrounded from the south, west and east cities, Finns south from the northern part along the Karelian Isthmus. Adolf - Hitler did not order his soldiers to storm the city, he planned city of soldiers and civilians starved to death. The when troops occupied along the Volkhov river valley north of the city of Novgorod, the Germans have effectively besieged Leningrad. When the Germans to ´ïÊ©ÂÀɪ¶û Fort, they cut off the railway line, railway the (history www.TodayOnHistory.com) to Murmansk. The Russians tried to escape by boat on Lake Ladoga and Neva, but some boats were sunk.
in the western German first arrived Puxijinnuo from the West, the South, they invaded and occupied the Louga.
in the middle of the war, the Germans encountered stubborn resistance of the Soviet Red Army. But lack of new Soviet tanks, many tanks are old, or even dependent on agricultural tractors.
in the southern front, the Germans faced enormous difficulties. They have to overcome the resistance encountered in Ukraine, Odessa city still adhere to.
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