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February 1.1902-Guangxu Emperor decreed to allow Chinese and Manchu intermarriage

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February 1, 1902 (the twelfth lunar month 23), 1901, the Guangxu Emperor decreed to permit the Chinese and Manchu intermarriage. the

Guangxu Emperor decreed to allow Chinese and Manchu intermarriage
late Qing Dynasty Manchu bride the customs according
from Empress Dowager (Empress) in Xi'an in 1901, declared that "political reform" began a few years in the Qing Dynasty, the implementation of a series of so-called "New Deal" measures. (Qing dynasty, December twenty-seven years on 23 days), February 1, 1902, appointed by the Qing government bannermen play overseas study tour; permitted Manchu and Han intermarriage, to win over the Han children. Although the Qing Dynasty "New Deal" in order to maintain its shaky rule, but these measures objectively beneficial to the progress of society. (History TodayOnHistory.com)

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