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September 1.1648-French theologian, mathematician, music theorist Malan Mason's death

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September 1, 1648 (July 14, Lunar New Year), French theologian, mathematician, music theorist Malan Mason's death.

French theologian, mathematician, music theorist Malan Mason's death

Malan, Mason (Marin Mersenne, 1588 -1648 years 1 day), (history com) French theologian , mathematician, music theorist. (1 $ dj¦Ó.c¨­m)
Mason entered the convent in 1611, the Mini Ma faction of the French Catholic priest. In 1626, he took his monastic room in Paris accomplishing a meeting place for scientists and exchange information center, called "Mason College. Maintaining regular communication links him with the greatest mathematician of his contemporaries (¦Ó¨­d¨¡y¨­¨½h¨© $ ¦Ó¨­ry.c¨­m) and amateur mathematics Prince Fermat is a good friend. Mason edit several of the writings of the Greek mathematician, and the subject to make the exposition in particular is known Mersenne primes, the physical mathematical Essay "(Cogitata physico-mathe-matica) and published in 1644," discussed it . His book "cosmic harmony" (Harmonie universelle), is a valuable historical record of contemporary musical instruments. September 1, 1648, Mason died in Paris.
Review: Mersenne numbers and Mersenne primes is named after him

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