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August 30.1785-Late Qing Dynasty, the famous statesman, thinker and poet Lin Zexu's birthday

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August 30, 1785, (Otomi July 26), the famous statesman of the late Qing Dynasty, thinker and poet Lin Zexu's birthday. the

Late Qing Dynasty, the famous statesman, thinker and poet Lin Zexu's birthday
1785 (Qianlong Fifty years July 26) Lin Zexu born in Fujian Hou the official drum East Street (Gulou District) in a lower feudal intellectuals family. Father Linbin day, to teach reading, lecturing for a living.
Jiaqing years (1798), Lin in scholar, student Aofong to College. Jiaqing years (1804) in the move, he served as the Xiamen the Haiphong TongZhi secretary, after entry, ZHANG Shi Cheng, governor of Fujian shogunate. Jiaqing sixteen years (1811) Scholars, elected Shuji Shi, granted editing. She served as the Jiangxi Provincial Examination Vice examiner Yunnan Provincial Examination examiner. (L $ djτ.cōm) the Jiaqing twenty-five years (1820), Ren Jiangnan Road, monitor the censor turn Zhejiang Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou Road office to repair the seawall, Hing water conservancy, agriculture development, quite political sound.
dynasty, 2007 (1827) in June of Shaanxi provincial judge proxy administrative commissioner, in any month to tune Ren Jiangning administrative commissioner. Daoguang 10 years (1830) autumn any Hubei lieutenant-governor of the spring of the following year transferred to Henan the administrative commissioner pull Donghe river Governor. Daoguang Reign (1832) in February, was transferred to the governor of Jiangsu. In the first month of the Daoguang 27 years (1837) or the Viceroy. Every summer the face of Hubei Province rivers often flooded the proposed repair anti, Chairman heavy ", so that the" of Jianghan number of miles Long Beach, tranquil Puqing, and branch river embankment nor a diffuse mouth, & rdquo ; made an indelible contribution to the protection of life and property in of Jianghan coastal counties.
1838 12 31, 2008 (Daoguang 18 years), Daoguang emperor Extraordinary Chambers in the Lin Zexu the imperial minister Fu Yue investigation and handling of non-smoking. Daoguang nineteen years the first month [March 1839] arrived in Guangzhou on February fourth day (March 19), Lin conjunction with Deng Yanzhen Communications Thirteen foreign traders, ordered to forwarded encyclical posts, the life foreign opium traffickers deadline pay smoke and a statement of assurance never entrainment opium future, he is also a solemn statement: "If opium day without a break, the Minister Day back oath relative to the matter always off suspensive management. "But the foreign refused to surrender after a resolute struggle to defeat the British Embassy Commerce oversight Elliot and opium traffickers, and seized nearly 20,000 boxes of all opium, about 237 million pounds. April 22 (June 3) in Humen beach publicly destroyed. Historians called him for Modern China "to open eyes to the world of the first person. (L $ jτ.cń)
Opium War broke out, Dinghai the fall, Qi Shan to Guangzhou, signed under the British invaders threat inducements, unauthorized ceded Hong Kong, six million yuan compensation for tobacco price the "Chuanbi grass about. " But he did it all blamed Lin Zexu. The Lin Zexu Active Anti-British, but was framed by capitulators by Emperor Daoguang dismissed "Severe sent to Ili, the effectiveness of Atonement. "
Daoguang 25 years (1845), reinstated Lin, transferred to Shaanxi and Gansu Governor, the Governor of Shaanxi governor, Yunnan and Guizhou. [Today in History. Cn]
Daoguang three decades (1850) Qing government for the military offensive Taiping, and then appointed him as the Imperial Commissioner, Du Li Guangxi Military Affairs. In his new post on the way, Chaozhou Puning County line Pavilion die suddenly on November 22, 1850, aged 66 years. Jin gifts Prince Tutor, according to the Governor's cases give-shirt, served every sanction information line Kai-fu, posthumous Wenzhong after death.

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