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August 30.1896-Chinese painter Pu Hsin? Was born

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August 30, 1896 July 22, (Bingshen years), Pu Hsin of Chinese painters? Was born. Pu Hsin

? was born "target =" _blank "> Pu Hsin? (1896 -1963 years, November 18, 2011), the name Aixinjueluo spectral sequence Pu, the Qing dynasty the Dici Mingru, the word heart? born in Prince Gong's Mansion, Beijing is Qing dynasty six sub Christine the Prince Yi 䜣's son set out Ying's second son, his mother, upload Ying's side of the Princess's, has been involved in the selection of the last emperor, Empress Dowager Cixi election but not on par for its poetry, calligraphy, painting and Zhang Daqian, it is the descendants of the two men and called "South Zhangbei Pu
Pu Hsin? childhood Gongwangfu Xuewen, poetry and painting, poetry and wine culture Ouchi flower "aesthetic attainments, introverted and studious. ingrowth political school, and then to study in Germany, before and after eight years;, studied astronomy and biology, doctorate at the University of Berlin. studies abroad, governance by the school as a scholar, leisure engaged in artistic creation, Almighty painter and calligrapher. Teck school, Gu Pu figure, few career.
1949, Pu Hsin? first moved to Zhoushan Island, with the central government of the Republic of China moved to Taipei Linyi Street; coach at the National Taiwan Normal University, and also classes in their own apprentices, went to Asian countries to give lectures. the later years Taiwan Scenery things began to observe depicted, multiple boutique today Collection at the National Palace Museum in Taipei and the National Museum of History. (? v history today?? com)
comment: he created a lot of landscape painting, its fresh and elegant works.

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