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February 5.1907-Yu Yue by the guru's death

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February 5, 1907 (, Heigo In the twelfth lunar month 23), Yu Yue's death, by the guru.

Yu Yue by the guru's death
Yu Yue's death "target =" _blank "> Yu Yue like on February 5
1907, Taiyan teacher (? v in the history of today?? com) for 31 years presided over Gujingjingshe long-Yu Yue died
Yu Yue, born in 1821, Zhejiang Deqing Daoguang Scholars to win scoring official Zeng Guofan applaud. "Whispering Spring still day Shangyan Yang" poem. subsequently he "Spring in the Church" and its Collection of Poems and name. Yuyue former Imperial Academy editing, Henan Xuezheng rank he learned to pose numerous, including the "group by Ping Yee," the masters level meeting " , "Examples of ancient books doubt" jia School representative works of the late
Yu Yue also attaches great importance to the novel, opera role of enlightenment the Investigations of Studies Repayment adaptation of "King Cat righteousness "hugely welcome, was parallel with the original book. deeply Yu Yue Zhang Taiyan academic ideology.

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