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September 2.1944-Japanese attack Guangxi

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(Jiashen July 15), September 2, 1944, Japanese attack Guangxi. Japanese artillery positions

Japanese attack Guangxi
Japanese attack Guangxi
to the Chinese army bombardment
September 1944, the Japanese Okamura command of 10 divisions, about 150,000 troops of the 3rd Brigade, Guangxi offensive. This is the Japanese lines of communication as open up the continent, rescue caught in Southeast Asia alone, completed its operations, "the third step. The first two steps of Henan Battle "and" long scale campaign ", the Japanese have reached operational objectives, has captured over 100 cities in three provinces, the Chinese army has been loss of nearly one million soldiers. The fourth theater, Chinese garrison commander of the Zhang Fakui command post, about 12 million people, combined with other ministries reinforcements of 85 million people, to organize resistance. Since September 1, the Japanese sub Road began to attack the occupation Wuzhou 23, the 28th the captured Danzhu Air Force Base, Guilin, Liuzhou form a pincer attack.
assemble at Guinan army

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