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September 3.1990-"FY" satellite launch

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September 3, 1990 (July 15) Gengwu, "FY" satellite launch.

"FY" satellite launch
September 3, 1990, 53 minutes, our second "FY" target The = "_blank"> FY "test meteorological satellite from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center successfully the sky, the sun-synchronous orbit. The IV (Lssdjt.com)
"Long March" carrier rockets of the satellite accurately fed orbit. After the Xi'an Satellite Monitoring Center of satellite control. Currently, the satellite is working properly, 13:14, Urumqi Satellite Ground Station received a very high-resolution visible light cloud pictures, clouds and surface image is clear, rich layers of clouds. Xi'an Satellite Control Center and the National Weather Service Satellite Meteorological Center being planned in-orbit testing of the satellite.
satellite's main task is to acquire domestic and international meteorological cloud, ocean soundings and atmospheric physics data, improve our atmospheric sounding and weather forecasts, to better serve the national economy and national defense construction. Meanwhile, the meteorological data sent to the world meteorological satellite ground station.
Chinese Academy of Sciences, equipped with two balloons for atmospheric observation satellites simultaneously launch into orbit. In September, the State Council, the Central Military Commission of the successful launch of the second "Fengyun meteorological satellite congratulatory message.

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