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September 1.1715-French Bourbons King Louis XIV's death

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September 1, 1715 (fourth day) August Yi Wei, the Bourbon king of France Louis XIV's death. died

French Bourbons King Louis XIV's death
Louis XIV "target =" _blank "> the Louis XIV LouisXIV (Louis XIV of the September 5, 2011 in 1638 -1715 years 1 day), the Bourbon King of France (1643-1715 reign ), is one of the world's longest reigning monarch.
I that country; constitute the greatness and dignity of the king is not a token of his hands, but he's holding a scepter method; Only monarchs have the right thinking, decision-making, only the implementation of the obligations of others - on Louis XIV
Louis XIV, is the darling of God, his parents were married 23 years failed fertility, suddenly came to dead. third king of the French Bourbons, (L $ dj¦Ó.§«§§T) his grandfather Henry IV Bourbon mountain to lay a solid foundation, his father, Louis XIII era in the political arena master manipulation under Richelieu, began to compete for European hegemony in 1643, the 5-year-old Louis XIV mother Hou Anna hold on the throne, began his 72-year-long imperial career.
Louis XIV, the "Sun King" in front of
as a history of the critics said, even the most arrogant and imperial shame. as a Weiminghehe, to fully enjoy the power and glory in the name of Jun what conditions it should have? Let's take a look at Louis XIV, he is "the most perfect incarnation of authoritarian rule.
First, he must fully grasp the national power. childhood throne of Louis XIV by the Queen Mother Anna regent, real power rests in the hands of the Cardinal and Prime Minister Mazarin. since childhood Mazarin instill in him the idea of ​​the absolute monarchy, taught him to be the future dry dictatorial and his 10-year-old to 15-year-old, has occurred two times "catapults events", forced to flee Paris nomadic made him unforgettable, reinforced his determination to strengthen the power of the monarch. the 1661 Chikamasa his hard managing political affairs, hands tightly power rests in own hands, no longer appointed prime minister, refused to convene three meetings, after the High Court criticized repeatedly been canceled accuse the right of the Superior Court of the Royal Decrees He published many Monarchy wonderful remarks, such as & ldquo ; I state, "Only the monarch have the right thinking, decision-making, and only perform the obligations of others," and so on. (L $ dj¦Ó.c¨­m) Palace of Versailles and the Bastille, he was a soft and a hard two instruments of domination, Xun Anshi and dragoons him to stretch across the country minions.
Secondly, he must be a prominent personality, talented, and enough long reign of Louis XIV romantic life. versatile, through Xiaotian Wen, geography, anatomy, etc. He reigned for 72 years (actual the ruling time 54 years) is the longest reigning emperor in the history of Europe, to the stigma of his country and lay a particularly deep. < ; br> outstanding emperors Albert, at least, there must be a financial expert, and a number of influential generals, for Louis XIV, Colbert seems to be God's gift specifically to his The financial director of the reform will not only reversed huge deficit left by the former, and gave Louis XIV product under the well-off silver Library backing his play energy, "Gemini" Dulun Ni and hole-generation Prince generals, by gunfire Louis XIV Empire "Sun King" Wal spread to all over Europe. fact, in his old age, (L $ dj¦Ó.c¨­m) lost talent has been evident in the decline.
Louis XIV launched scale war queen heritage war "in Spain four :1665-1668 ,1688-1697 ,1672-1679 Dutch war with the Emperor of Austria, led by the Augsburg League war, and 1701-1713 War of the Spanish Succession., we can see, the the Louis XIV ruling Year are in a state of war for more than half of this series of war, the French are always in less playing more the situation, perhaps because of Louis XIV the failure of diplomacy, perhaps it is inherent in the concept of "balance of power" in Europe in the role of the two previous wars in France to win the main obtain some territory Nanni Midlands. latter two wars, France by defeat mostly, but also save some face. succeeded in getting his grandson to inherit the throne of Spain, which is perhaps the greatest gift he Bourbons Louis XIV did not make the French expansion in the number of territory, but Louis XIV the four war or change the pattern of Europe and the world as a whole. focus of his fight against the Netherlands, after the consumption of more than half a century, the supremacy at sea in the 17th century - the Netherlands was significantly weakened, while too much focus on the battle on the European continent, also slowed the pace of France to expand overseas, the British beneficiary of the Louis XIV era is the British gradually built up the era of maritime supremacy the. (lssjt.cn)
as the generation of monarch, need thriving academic culture and iconic buildings as the whitewash look at the name of the following: Corneille, Moliere, Racine, (history TodayOnHistory.com) Lafontaine can see the era of Louis XIV cultural prosperity. their achievements can not be treated as the achievements of Louis XIV, (TodayinHistory.cn) as "one of the greatest French arts patron" Louis 14 for cultural sponsorship, also contribute the biggest move of Louis XIV, the development of science, the way he set up the French Royal Academy of Sciences in Paris (the predecessor of the French Academy of Sciences), and give generous sponsorship. Academy of Sciences was attracted Hobbes, Cassini, Huygens and other leading scholars join, and later the Industrial Revolution era bear countless fruitful results in changing the face of human science. the Louis XIV fame, thanks in part to the grandeur of the Palace of Versailles, the classic architectural history of this world for spent 10 years and countless money
in the era of Louis XIV, France's hottest international status, French replaced Latin became the common language of diplomacy in Europe, the high society of the countries to be able to speak a The fluent French fashion flag.
Louis XIV unified religious beliefs conducive to his rule promulgation of the Edict of Fontainebleau in 1685, abolished his grandfather Henry IV in 87 years ago Edict of Nantes established national policy of religious tolerance, the reopening of the persecution of Protestants Protestants have a large number of skilled artisans fled abroad with their skills for the benefit of foreign Louis XIV for his the tyranny of the price paid, but the era of Louis XIV, the French overseas business achieved a major achievement, the French aristocrat LaSalle survey of the Mississippi River basin of North America, across the Mississippi River basin owned by the King of France, Louis XIV declared to the world, and named Louisiana.
Louis XIV of history there is very interesting. shorter stature, they put on a special 15 cm high shoes to enhance the sense of dignity, results of the whole country indisputable emulate, to develop into the later swept the world of high-heeled shoes. course, Ms. patent high heels has become today, this may be the initiator of Louis XIV unexpected. the Louis XIV lifetime obsession with ballet, many times personally attended the ballet performances in his initiative, the ballet is becoming more perfect, fashionable art is becoming popular in Europe.
Louis XIV with his own words and actions in Europe re-interpretation of the concept of "monarchy", making the achieved a series of victories, while democratic constitutional government in the British Isles, Continental Europe, but the surge Strengthening Absolute Monarchy craze. Strengthening Absolute Monarchy in Europe was in the positive sense, is conducive to further eliminate local lords feudal , to prepare the conditions for the formation of the nation-state but the endless wars of Louis XIV, in his later years extravagant waste of life and the spread of corruption, making the re-deterioration in the fiscal position of France, also makes the insight of absolute monarchy questioning and reflection. although the year of death of Louis XIV to the outbreak of the French Revolution, there are more than 70 years, but most of the history of critics think that between the two there is necessarily linked.
due to the "Sun King" in half huge energy issue in more than a century of time, he was ranked in the Top 24. the OpenCourseWare Comment: the emperors career of Louis XIV, can be summed up by "craving for greatness and success." words. However, as the history of the "obsession with greatness and success" imperial leader, Louis XIV's ambition is to promote the development of history, such as strengthening the centralization of power and prosperity in line with the historical trend of academic culture. comparisons and vanity, and sometimes to become the driving force of the development of history. (L $ dj¦Ó.c¨­m)

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