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September 1.1804-German astronomer Karl Harding found Juno

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(JiaZi July 28), September 1, 1804, the German astronomer Karl Harding found Juno.

German astronomer Karl Harding found Juno

Juno (3 Juno) is the third asteroid discovered by humans, is also one of the largest asteroids in the asteroid belt, is heavier stony S-type asteroids. September 1, 1804 by the German astronomer Karl Harding to an ordinary 2 English? Kabuki Patent forging? Poison pound ¢Ï value model? Month millet Fei Tiao dad shaped mane Gang knock curtain call Ligularia crucian carp? Duo hyun Road defects??? lt; the br>
Karl Ludwig Harding (Karl Ludwig Harding, 1765 September 29, 2011 -1834 years 31 days), German astronomer, Juno Star's discoverer.
1796 of John Hieronymus ¡¤ Schroeter (Johann Hieronymus Schröter) employment Harding teachers for his son's family.
In 1804, Harding found Juno Schroeter Observatory, to Göttingen when Gaussian assistant. [The history today www.TodayOnHistory.com]
addition to Juno, he also discovered three comets login with the publication of a star catalog of 12,000 stars: the "Atlas novus coelestis" .
a crater named after him on the moon, No. 2003, an asteroid named Harding.
Comments: Harding occupies a high position in astronomy.

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