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September 1.1856-Tianjing'event confound

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The (hare on August third), September 1, 1856, Tianjing'event confound.

Tianjing'event confound
the Taiping capital in Tianjing (Nanjing), Dong Wang Yang Premier affairs of state, claimed credit proud, active Zhujiang bully King Hong Xiuquan, under pressure. Even metonymy identity of Father Liyan, stick responsibilities King, and coercion King to him as "Viva. Hong Xiuquan unbearable, Jizhao North King Wei, Yi Wang Ground in back to Beijing jointly good way. 1, 2010 (the Qing Xianfeng fourth day of August, 2006)
1856 night, Wei Changhui with cronies forces more than 3,000 people back to the days of the East, immediately surrounded the East Palace, blocking all the streets leading to the East Palace. after
2 private hate and Yang Wei Changhui their cronies rushed East Palace, the assassination of Yang and massacred their dependents and a large number of officers of the East Palace Holocaust.
afterwards, Hong Xiuquan executed Wei Changhui and the political affairs of the Ground in unwarranted suspicion, therefore the the Shi Dakai rate of 100,000 crack troops away from home in Sichuan.
"Tianjing confound" the Taiping badly hurt by the gloom and doom, into the struggle late.
the Ground in
Comments: This is the beginning of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom fell into decline.

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