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September 1.1870-The defeat of the Franco-Prussian War French army

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On August sixth days) (Gengwu years, September 1, 1870, the Franco-Prussian War French army defeat.

The defeat of the Franco-Prussian War French army
The defeat of the Franco-Prussian War French army
Napoleon III at Sedan Battle captured with the Prussian Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck the dialogue
Louis Bonaparte (Napoleon's nephew, Napoleon III) established French Second Empire, when the French emperor, the internal implementation of the feudal autocratic foreign launch the expansion of the war, delusions dominate Europe, so the domestic intensification of conflicts. In order to get rid of the domestic political crisis, save the crumbling Empire, Louis Bonaparte determined to of Prussia combat. So, (l $ dj¦Ó.¨­r¨À) Spanish Succession as an excuse, a declaration of war on the S & P on July 19, 1870.
early in the war, defensive Prussia terms. However, the Prussian prime minister Otto von Bismarck also harbor ambitions of the invasion of French territory. The first international total Authority to make the majority of the people correctly treat the war on July 23 by the Marx drafted the first declaration of the Franco-Prussian War. "Declaration on the nature of the war, and called on the French working class firmly oppose the the dynastic wars waged by Louis Bonaparte, (Lssdjt.com) pointed out that the German workers: Do not confuse the interests of the dynasty of the interests of all the people of Germany and Prussia must not allow the war to lose a purely defensive nature becomes the war against the French people ". Marx also Declaration states: "regardless of the outcome of the war of Louis Bonaparte with Prussia, the death knell of the Second Empire in Paris sounded".
the beginning of the war, the corruption of the French army is exposed. Missing equipment scarce forage, ammunition, even the officers could not find their own company. On August 2, the French army broke into the German territory, was Prussians forthright. August 6th, the French military collapse across the board. The main force of the French army is split into two parts: the part of the Bazin Marshal led the Prussians surrounded Metz fortress; the Marshal led McMahon to another part, fled to color when embarrassed. Louis Bonaparte as Front commander army fled here. The Prussians tracking pursuit, when surrounded by the color. Dawn, September 1, 1870, the Franco-Prussian two armies in color when the battle. Heavy artillery bombardment of the Prussians, French Diukuixiejia defeated, you put up the white flag in the afternoon, submitted a document of surrender. The next day, Louis Bonaparte, together with the Marshal, 39 generals, 104,000 soldiers, captured by the Prussians. ?, As Marx predicted, September 4, Sedan defeat the news reached Paris, the Paris workers and the majority of the people will carry the revolution has long passion such as the same volcano erupted. People rushed into the palace, stormed into the parliament, sounded the death knell of the Second Empire, the same day announced the establishment of the Republic. However, a member of the "interim government" are bourgeois politicians. The fruits of the victory of the people's revolution, he was bourgeois humbly claimed.

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