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September 4.1895-Chinese women's movement leaders to the birth of the police to

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September 4, 1895 (July 16), Yi Wei, the Chinese women's movement leaders to the police to born.

Chinese women's movement leaders to the birth of the police to
born to the police to "target =" _blank "> Jingyu
September 1895, Chinese proletarian revolutionaries, the famous early Chinese Communist Party leaders of the women's movement to the police to born. Xiang Jingyu Hunan Xupu person, Tujia. Xinmin Society "led by Mao Zedong in 1918. (history com) 1919 went to France to work-study program after returning home in 1922, joined the Communist Party of China. second of the Chinese Communist Party to the Fourth National People's Congress, Xiang Jingyu was elected to the Central Committee, and served as secretary of the Central Minister for Women and the Women's Campaign Committee, editor of "Women's Weekly in 1923, led by Shanghai silk factory and tobacco factory strike of women workers in 1925 to go to Moscow University to learn after returning home in 1927, the Chinese Communist Party's Fifth National People's Congress on the error, and Chen Duxiu struggle in the spring of 1928, to the police to arrested traitor in Hankou French Concession. prison, her tenacious struggle with the enemy, the heroic martyrdom on May 1, 1928 (? v in the history of this?? com)

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