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September 1.1916-"New Youth" published

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(Hare on August fourth day), September 1, 1916, published by the "New Youth". the

"New Youth" published
"Youth Magazine) renamed" New Youth "
1916, the youth magazine" renamed "New Youth" published. Chen Duxiu the change published after the first phase of the "New Youth" published "New Youth". Calls on the youth to do the "New Youth". He raised the standard of "New Youth": physiological bodied; psychologically "chopped to make polyester absolutely official fortune thinking" Neto personality development, the outer diagram contribution to its group ; self-reliance to create happiness, but "do not harm the national community" personal happiness. Li Dazhao published "youth", exposing the harm of the feudal system to China, stressed the need to hopes on the youth renewable; calls on the youth to "burst the past history of the snare, destruction of outworn doctrines imprisoned", & ldquo ; rational to the efforts of, into former Erwu care after back dark to bright, to advance world civilization, made for human happiness. "

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