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September 1.1935-Japanese conductor Seiji Ozawa was born

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(August seeing in the fourth day), September 1, 1935, the Japanese conductor Seiji Ozawa was born.

Japanese conductor Seiji Ozawa was born
Seiji Ozawa the East
Seiji Ozawa was born target The = "_blank"> Seiji Ozawa, born on September 1, 1935 in Shenyang, China. 6-year-old back to Japan with his parents under the age of 16 into Tong Peng school Park commanded to Hideo Saito College, graduated in 1957 from the the school specialized colleges Command policy. winning Besancon International Conducting Competition in 1959, winning in a game hosted by the Berkshire Music Festival commanding evolve and Karajan, and learning opportunities for Karajan, under the guidance of the French National Radio Symphony Orchestra podium debut in 1960, after commanding the New York Philharmonic, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Paris Symphony Orchestra and the Vienna Philharmonic 1969 concert in Salzburg debut opera podium, commanding performances of Mozart's "The heart of woman in 1970, then-San Francisco Symphony Orchestra and music director. signed with the Boston Symphony Orchestra after lifelong contract, he served as command and chief musical director, also serves as Principal Conductor of the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, he is active in the European and American music and get a wide reputation first Asian conductor conducting style is simple and neat, warm, full of artistic appeal. had on several Boston Symphony Orchestra to perform in China the 28th Art Academy Award in April 1972. significant music Warrior Attendance Book.

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