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September 1.1937-Songhu war brutality

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September 1, 1937 (, Landmarks on July 27), the tragic Songhu war. laying sandbag fortifications the defenders

Songhu war brutality
Songhu war brutality
Songhu war brutality
road with the enemy street fighting
1937 September 1, 2011, Wusong the fall, Japanese troops landed captured Yangshupu. 9, 2011, the the Songhu battlefield Chinese army battalion commander Yao Zaiqing led the troops to 500, hang on Baoshan fierce street fighting, the battalion soldiers sacrifice all.
11, 2007, the Japanese ordered faction ninth, thirteenth, 0 Division and field the heavy artillery fifth brigade the independent field heavy artillery fifteenth United Independent Sapper Twelfth United third flight regimental headquarters, to reinforce the Shanghai Japanese troops.
13, Shanghai, China defenders to withdraw to the first line of defense, moved Luodian, Liuhe, a large field along the Warfare Center.
17, Chiang went to Kunshan in front supervised the operation, ordered the defenders across the board retreated to North Station, the Jiangwan temple row Luodian southwest, double grass pier line to continue fighting with the enemy.
from 22 onwards, the Japanese highway to visit (River) (Branch) swooped fierce fighting. Fighting after more than a month, the defense capability of the Chinese army began to decline, a trend across the board retreated. [L $ djτ.ōrɡ]
29 the Songhu battlefield Chinese defenders first line of defense is a breakthrough, the center of gravity toward the war a large field, Zhabei, Jiangwan vicinity.
30, 2007, the Japanese 4 Songhu across the board to launch a general offensive.
completely bloody battle in the Chinese garrison Position
of Japanese prisoners were captured

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