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September 1.1939-Germany's "lightning attack" Poland "World War II" full-blown

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, Germany, on September 1, 1939 (July 18) JiMao "lightning attack" Poland "World War II" full-blown.

Germany's "lightning attack" Poland "World War II" full-blown
Germany's "lightning attack" Poland "World War II" full-blown
Germany's "lightning attack" Poland "World War II" full-blown
Germany's "lightning attack" Poland "World War II" full-blown
Germany's "lightning attack" Poland "World War II" full-blown
Germany's "lightning attack" Poland "World War II" full-blown
Germany's "lightning attack" Poland "World War II" full-blown
Poles was the Germans barbaric slaughter morning
1939, Germany suddenly dispatched 58 divisions, 2,800 tanks, 2,000 aircraft and 6,000 artillery, launched to Poland & ldquo ; lightning attack. September 3, Britain and France was forced to declare war on Germany, the outbreak of World War II. fascist Germany, Poland
war of aggression, is an important part of the master plan of Hitler's war to dominate the world. Poland is located in the eastern part of Europe, east of the Soviet Union, west Germany, the southern boundary of Czechoslovakia, the Baltic Sea, north near strategic position is very important. Poland is a country of the European allies, Britain and France the most powerful military. If the German occupation of Poland, not only to get a large number of military and economic resources, but also greatly improve their strategic position; either eliminate the worries of the British and French offensive, you can also build a base for attacks on the Soviet Union. Therefore, after the German annexation of Austria and the Czech Republic Next target of aggression scheduled in Poland. since
from October 1938, Germany to Poland after territorial claims, want Poland to surrender the "Polish Corridor and Danzig, and right in the" Polish Corridor "construction of roads, railways transferred to Germany. These requirements been tongue-lashing by the Polish government refused, so Germany's decision to force Poland into submission. The plan, code-named the Germans invaded wave war the white program ", the strategic attempt: to fast Corps, and advantages aviation, the implementation of a surprise attack, in one fell swoop perish Poland. The Polish Battle, [TodayinHistory.cn] France and Germany "lightning war" applied, for the first time in the war.
1939 the evening of August 31, a German SS dressed in Polish uniforms, posing as Polish, attacked the German border Grameen Horowitz radio, radio Polish abusive Germany and lost few with is actually the bodies of German prisoners dressed in Polish uniforms. Then, the radio stations broadcast of the whole of Germany "Germany was Poland sudden attack" message. Dawn on September 1, Germany will invasion of Poland.
Poland, Britain and France have the Covenant, after the outbreak of the German-Polish war, September 3, Britain and France declared war on Germany, and pledged to fulfill the protection of Poland's independence promises. But in fact the British and French governments declared without war, without seriously aid Poland. The lack of preparation of the Polish authorities of the German surprise attack, hasty fight, the rapid disintegration of the results of the next line of defense in the German attack. The Polish government fled the country on September 16.
Despite funk by the Government of Poland, but the Polish people, or together with the Polish army, with the Germans launched a desperate battle. Battle in Warsaw, Warsaw military and civilian adhere to the two days of the fighting, and finally gunned the fall of Warsaw. Polish government national security sustenance body in Britain and France, did not do a good job against aggression preparation results in times of crisis, the British and French betrayed become a victim of the hegemony of the imperialist powers.
World War II ended on September 2, 1945, which lasted six years, is the largest war in human history.
backward Polish cavalry Polish army confrontation the German tanks
bombing Poland
1939 years
The German invasion of Poland, winning again and again.
outbreak of the war, Hitler making speeches. the Germany soldiers imprint
Germany invasion of Polish civilians
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