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September 1.1948-The death of General Feng Yuxiang

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(July 28, Lunar New Year), September 1, 1948, the death of General Feng Yuxiang. General Feng Yuxiang in on his way home in

1948 1, 2009, due to ship fire and unfortunately died. 1882
General Feng Yuxiang was born in in nests County, Anhui Province working people family, his 11-year-old to join the A military life vicissitudes suffered hardship from a late Qing soldiers, bit first General. In particular, to his later years, he firmly open break and the Kuomintang reactionaries, and to interfere in China's internal affairs, foreign aid to Chiang Kai-shek's civil war forces the positive struggle for the nation as the country has made important contributions. the
old democratic revolution, Feng Qing battalion commander, witnessed the suffering of the masses of working people, decided to put into the torrent of the Revolution, in Gyeonggi powerhouse Luanzhou, first lift the banner of righteousness, though failed, but shaken Qing morale, shocked the Qing rule. The fruits of the Revolution of 1911 northern warlords Yuan grab, he Xingbing Taoyuan protect the country, oppose the monarchy crusade Zhang Xun, commanding troops into Beijing to put down the restoration farce. In 1924, the of Feng Yuxiang army way went to Rehe front, return in triumph in Beijing, imprisoned Cao Kun, get rid of Pu Yi, to achieve the feat of the capital of the revolution "to end the absurd situation of Beijing Forbidden City retained the emperor after the Revolution. In July 1926, the National Revolutionary Army under the KMT-CPC cooperation massive Northern Expedition, Feng Yuxiang by the Suiyuan his troops set off in Shaanxi, Gansu provinces, with straight Bong warlord troops engage in fierce battle Zhongyuan. "918" in 1931 after the outbreak of the Incident, promote and under the influence of the Communist Party of China, General Feng Yuxiang actively involved in the anti-Japanese national salvation movement, a collection of the old unit, composed of Japanese allies Chahaer, fell swoop recovered Duolun four counties, was a joint attack on the Kuomintang forces and the Japanese, the Anti-Japanese Allied Army failed. After his seclusion Taishan reading, and invited some communists and progressive people to give lectures, joint analysis of the world situation, comment on domestic political situation, and at the same time strengthen the contact with various anti-Japanese patriotic forces. On the wall of the living room, he inscribed a couplet: "An interest-bearing shoulder Day country and people, the revolutionary party is extremely to encourage each other. In November 1933, the KMT famous people Li Jishen joint 19th Route Army generals launched the Fujian Incident, the establishment of the People's Revolutionary Government of the Republic of China, "the anti-Japanese, anti-Chiang, General Feng Yuxiang to send representatives to participate. In November 1935, he was with the Soong Ching Ling, He Xiangning 13, the KMT authorities to restore the Dr. Sun Yat-sen alliance with Russia, co-support the claims of the three major agricultural and industrial policy. After the outbreak of the War of Resistance Against Japan, Feng Yuxiang any the sixth theater commander Executive, he called on the people to adhere to the War of Resistance Against Japan in the end, swear to improper conquered people, and the establishment of the three printing community (meaning take Chu three dead Qin must Chu), a large number of printing Mao Zedong "On Protracted War" and "Xinhua Daily" editorial, publicity united anti-Japanese, exposing the surrender of the traitorous acts of the pro-Japanese. In 1939, he insisted that the cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, united anti-Japanese, anti-Communist onslaught against the KMT authorities repeatedly launched, and has assisted in the rescue of the communists and progressive people arrested by the Kuomintang.
War Victory General Feng Yuxiang in the growing high-pressure, in the country is difficult to gain a foothold the "the water conservancy investigated envoy" in the name of visiting the United States in September 1946. After the United States, continue to engage in the patriotic struggle to support the people of the motherland against the civil war, against dictatorship. November 1947, led by General Feng Yuxiang, living in America was established in New York UCPD KMT democrats, the NLD, the Communist Party and independents to participate in the Articles of Association, issued a declaration, the election of leading members of the campaign against the United States to aid Chiang activities, the work is fairly effective. January 1, 1948, the Chinese Kuomintang Revolutionary Committee was established in Hong Kong, and as far away as the United States Feng Yuxiang, was elected Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Political Committee. (Lsjt.org)
of Feng Yuxiang this activity in the United States, Chiang Kai-shek hated, first ordered to return home, Feng Yuxiang refused, then dismissed from the public to revoke the passport, and finally expelled from the Kuomintang party General Feng Yuxiang, these political persecution, not only can not force him to yield, but aroused him more determined to struggle. He published the statement "to be expelled from the party, officially announced that" together, for the overthrow of the dictatorship of Chiang Kai-shek's with democrats KMT comrades, the struggle to achieve peace and democracy in China. General Feng also pre wills in order to guard against the Kuomintang spies stab in the back, "To dare, to dare to be suffering for the people, for the people dead. In July 1948, General Feng Yuxiang response to the call of the Communist Party of China, to leave to return home to participate in the preparatory work of the new CPPCC session. General Feng Yuxiang who lost their lives in the way back, the ship fire. CPC Central Committee and Chairman Mao Zedong, the Chinese People's Liberation Army Commander-in-Chief Zhu De call mourning, praised General Feng exposure to democratic power in the country ". September 1, 1949, in the liberated territory, held a memorial ceremony of the first anniversary of the death of General Feng Yuxiang, Zhou Enlai eulogy, praised him from a typical old soldier into a democratic soldier. He has experienced twists and turns of the road, and finally toward the new-democratic China. People from all walks of life presented elegiac couplet, wreaths, to do very sorrow Wing. 1953 grand ashes placed ceremony held in Taishan. General Feng Yuxiang loyal patriotic, the constant pursuit of the spirit of progress and historical achievements will be immortalized in the hearts of the Chinese people.

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