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September 1.1969-Gaddafi staged a coup new Libyan republic was born

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September 1, 1969 (, Jiyou July 20), Gaddafi launched a coup new the Libyan Republic of the birth. In In 1969, Gaddafi led by the Free Officers coup suddenly occupied Libya Radio, released the news that shocked the world: decadent Idris dynasty The demise of the birth of the new Republic of Libya. Made the ruling, his official title is the Libyan revolutionary leader ". Other title he is generally refused, the office of the President more scoff. Once Gaddafi held a press conference, he soon as he sat down at the podium, the an Egyptian reporter first question, said that he is the president. Gaddafi immediately interrupted him saying: "I am not the president. If I were president, I would have to face the quadrennial election ... "He also explained:" In Libya, there is no exploitation, the people are the masters, to administer the country is the Libyan people. "

Gaddafi staged a coup new Libyan republic was born
1977, Gaddafi published the Declaration of the" People Power, announced that Libya entering the Age of the Masses "People's direct control regime, the abolition of all levels of government and replace them with" People's Assembly & rdquo ;, and the People's Committee. Two years later, Gaddafi himself resigned from all executive positions, renamed September a revolutionary leader. Over the years, the Libyan politics have been proposed to Gaddafi neither capitalism nor socialism "third universal theory" as well as been published three "Green Book" as the theoretical basis that the world's a variety of political system, the monarchy, parliamentary and party system is a lie, the only people to become rulers in order to achieve true democracy. To this end, he created a set of Libya's regime and the democratic system, called a "revolutionary leader" Head of State, the government known as the General People's Committee, Parliament known as the General People's Congress, Heads of Government and the Speaker of the Parliament are "secretary." Therefore, in Libya, not the title of president, prime minister, and speaker. Although some reports still Tripoli known as the "capital" of Libya, the Libyan people there 10 years without so called. The large Libyan Arab Socialist People's Jamahiriya Libyan changing the country's name in 1986, and followed it announced the cancellation of the capital in recent years, most of the Libyan regime institutions relocated is located more than 400 kilometers east of Tripoli, Sirte, So may even Libyans themselves do not know the location of the state power in the end is where Dounong. do
Gaddafi after he took office the first issue is to take drastic measures to rectify the domestic lifestyle. He drove away the garrison of the United Kingdom and the United States, closed Italian open ballroom and casino. Perhaps origin nomadic sake, he advocated the tribal society of natural justice, there is no hierarchy. He advocated thrift, would prefer to live in a tent, rather than living in a luxurious mansion, like camel riding, rather than like a luxury sedan. If you encounter immoral or do not speak the ethics thing, he'll crack disposal, must not be tolerated. His self-discipline, do not drink alcoholic beverages, do not smoke, are not interested in gambling is dismissive of such sensual pleasures can bring comfortable senses something Yigai lifestyle almost monks. In addition, the initial ruling, he ordered the confiscation of almost all foreign property, the Libyan Foreign Bank nationalization substantial increase in the tax rate of the foreign oil companies. These actions with a strong ethnic color to get the people's support.

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