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September 4.1990-Prime Minister of the North and South of of Korea held talks for the first time in 45 years

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July 16 (Gengwu years), September 4, 1990, North Korea North and South of the Prime Minister held talks for the first time in 45 years.

Prime Minister of the North and South of of Korea held talks for the first time in 45 years
the DPRK both the north and south Premier Yon (left) and Jiangying Xun (right), held in Seoul, the first high-level meeting
1990, Democratic Government Administration Council and Prime Minister of the People's Republic, the head of the northern delegation Yon northern delegation, led by the car crossed the military demarcation line of Panmunjom, to participate in the first North-South high-level talks in Seoul. This is the Korean Peninsula was divided 45 years after the North and South sides held the highest-level meeting, but also the Korean Government Administration Council and the Prime Minister, the first time through Panmunjom.
talks according to the the DPRK North and South sides reached agreement on July 26 and held.
September 5, in a keynote speech, the Prime Minister yon, first proposed the two sides in the talks should comply with the three principles, namely: 1, 1972 "July 4 South-North Joint Declaration reaffirmed" enunciated autonomy, (l $ dj而.身r阱) three principles of peaceful reunification and great national unity, and to fully comply with; 2, in the discussion of common national interests first; 3, not to destroy the atmosphere of the talks and prevent talks progress of thing.
He said that the reunification of Korea is definitely not rely on the party to eat to achieve the other way, it can not be fixed split state. Mechanically copying the unified model for other countries is not desirable. Both sides should retain their ideology and system, the establishment of a federal state of the country's number.
Then, yon on the parties to the original "on the elimination of the political and military confrontation between the North and the South, multifaceted cooperation and exchanges this topic, proposed including six of the elimination of the political confrontation between the state programs and includes nine programs to eliminate the state of military confrontation. 6 on the elimination of political confrontation: 1, stop mutual slander, political activity is not advocating confrontation; cancel all contrary to the national unity and the unity of the legal system; 3, to ensure that introduce each other's freedom of the press, and believe in each other freedom of thought; 4, to eliminate the barrier separated the North and South; 5, free exchanges and contacts with political parties, groups and peoples of all walks of life; 6, in the international political arena, the north-south joint participation and cooperation. 9 of
on the elimination of the state of military confrontation is: 1, restrictions on military training and military exercises; 2, the military demarcation line in the demilitarized zone into a zone of peace; 3, to take safety measures to prevent sporadic conflict and prevent 4 phased downsizing of the armed forces; 5, Stop update military equipment quality; 6, keep each other informed of the the disarmament situation and checks; 7, the Korean peninsula into a nuclear-free zone; 8, make joint efforts of all foreign troops withdraw, its expanding; the Korean peninsula; 9, to take measures to ensure the disarmament and to safeguard peace. Yon, signed a non-aggression between the north and the south, in the conclusion of a peace agreement between the DPRK and the U.S. in the Declaration.
Yon says, (1 $ dj而.c身m) three most pressing issues: the release of one seat to join the United Nations, and the second is to stop the "Team Spirit" joint military exercises, three Rev. Mun Ik Hwan Lin Xiuqing students, Kyu Hyun priest. persons.
Jiang Yingxun Prime Minister's keynote address basic agreement "to improve North-South relations case" and "multi-faceted cooperation and exchange programs, and the establishment of political and military confidence-building programs and promote North-South reductions armaments program. " In the 8 basic agreement "to improve North-South relations case, Jiang Yingxun recommended prior to unification, mutual recognition and respect each other's system, stop the defamation, slander all the actions of the other, non-interference in each other's internal affairs. With 10 and multifaceted cooperation exchange programs ", Jiang Yingxun suggested, open society, freedom of movement between the two sides. Immediate access permitted over the age of 60 discrete family to the hometown of exercising national exchanges before and after the Spring Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Festival and anniversaries. (L $ dj而.c身m) North-South railway, the road is open again. Jointly established a Tourism Cooperation. The establishment of joint institutions, headed by Deputy Prime Minister of Economic Cooperation and resources in order to jointly develop and co-investment. In the establishment of a political and military confidence-building program, Jiang Yingxun proposing to implement the visits and exchanges between soldiers, the exchange of military intelligence, opened between the military leaders through phone. 5 "to promote North-South arms reduction program", Jiang Yingxun offensive force structure proposed to change into a defensive force structure.
September 7, the end of North Korea's North-South high-level talks. Although the talks did not achieve outstanding results, but the mutual understanding of each other's opinions, and to provide a basis for future progress in the talks.
10, 17 to 18, the Prime Minister of the North and the South of Korea the second high-level talks held in Pyongyang. Premier yon two sides issued a the "nonaggression Declaration" draft. The Premier of Jiang Yingxun proposed the two sides signed a joint declaration on the North-South reconciliation and peace "draft as well as the implementation of the program of the north-south traffic, postal, and economic exchanges and cooperation with other items. (Lssdjt.com)
the talks, the South of the draft declaration on the North proposed a non-aggression tribute that this draft is "constructive". The north of the South joint declaration in principle accepted. [TodayinHistory.cn]
is worth noting that high-level talks in the the DPRK North-South prime minister twice (of 1 $ dj而.c身m) President Kim Il Sung, and South Korea, "President Roh Tae-woo, respectively, in Pyongyang Seoul, met with Prime Minister of the other party. (L $ dj而.妨壯T)
third Prime Minister of the North-South high-level talks held in Seoul on December 12 to 13, the talks made no progress.

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