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September 1.1992-Paris - Moscow - Beijing marathon car cross-country held

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September 1, 1992 (, Ren Shen August fifth day), Paris - Moscow - Beijing marathon car cross-country was held.

inaugural Paris - Moscow - Beijing Automotive motocross kicks off in Paris on September 1, 1992. 7:45 later, 300 athletes from 19 countries in Europe, Asia 151 car group, driving a motorcycle, off-road vehicles, trucks leave the plaza under the Eiffel Tower in the eye due east into the first a destination - Warsaw embarked. Before racing test, to get the best results "Citroen" and "Yamaha" starting priority. the
current autocross will pass through 11 countries of the Eurasian continent, the entire race is a total of 23 stations, a total distance of 16,042 km, is the longest distance auto race in the world today. Accompanied racer expedition there a huge logistical support forces with helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft and vehicles, formed by the contest staff, technical maintenance personnel, doctors, journalists, a mighty leap Eurasia team.
9, 26, Paris - Moscow - Beijing marathon car cross-country to end at noon at the foot of the Badaling Great Wall. The French Citroen the Camel No. 104 car racing championship this long distance races, driving the car of French driver Lartigue. The German Mitsubishi 108 car team for second place, No. 111, the French Mitsubishi team won the third place. Motorcycle team, the top six were Yamaha team occupy. The first is One car, the second is the second car, the sixth car was third. Been top six riders driving Yamaha, (lssdjt.cn) but exclusively from France.

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