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September 1.1996-Beijing-Kowloon Railway opened to traffic

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(Rat-July 19), September 1, 1996, the Beijing-Kowloon Railway was opened to traffic. In In 20 point 30 minutes on September 2, 2011, when the first column from Beijing to Shenzhen 105 train pulls into Jinggangshan station, the old liberated areas jubilant. The 83-year-old Xiao whole neighborhood to the old lady, driven tens of kilometers of the mountain, to see hope decades of the Beijing-Kowloon train, the old quarter jubilant. The 83-year-old Xiao whole neighborhood to the old lady, driven tens of kilometers of the mountain, to see the hope for a few decades, the Beijing-Kowloon train. The

Beijing-Kowloon Railway opened to traffic
Beijing-Kowloon Railway opened to traffic
Beijing-Kowloon Railway opened to traffic
Beijing-Kowloon Railway opened to traffic
Beijing-Kowloon Railway, China is now second only to the Three Gorges Project Engineering, the largest investment, disposable completed an ambitious project for the two-wire line the longest. From the Beijing-Kowloon Railway North, south to Shenzhen and Hong Kong, Kowloon connected, the line is a total length of 2381 km, plus 75 km from Tianjin to Bazhou in Macheng to Wuhan 80 km two tie lines, with a total length of 2536 km. Beijing-Kowloon Railway on April 20, 1993 across the board officially started, originally scheduled to be completed in five years, later changed to three years to complete, to advance now laying across the board on November 16, 1995. Such a short construction period, the most in the history of China's railway construction. Located in the Beijing-Shanghai and Beijing-Guangzhou, the two major railway between Beijing-Kowloon Railway runs through nine provinces and municipalities of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Anhui, Hubei, Jiangxi and Guangdong. Originating from Beijing, via Bazhou, Hebei Hengshui, Liaocheng, Heze, Shangqiu, Henan, Anhui Fuyang, Macheng, Hubei, Jiangxi Jiujiang, Nanchang, Xiangtang, Ji'an and Ganzhou, Guangdong Longchuan, Changping, Changping and wide Shenzhen Railway standards, through Shenzhen to Kowloon.
requirements of "three-laying, a year supporting edge matching side shunt" in accordance with the State Council, the Ministry of Railways, the Beijing-Kowloon Railway as the "Eighth Five-Year Plan" period (1991 - 1995) railway number one construction project, organized by the five design units 16 Engineering Bureau, more than 21 million people in the design and construction team of five Railway Bureau, expand the General Assembly war. The General Assembly war "in 1993 for the first battle stages, the race against time to quickly design a comprehensive work started; 1994 to a crucial stage, storm key bridges, tunnels and soft soil roadbed, works in a large trunk; 1995 for the decisive stage, assault laying driving beam, achieve full-laying; 1996 edge matching side shunt. Beijing-Kowloon Railway is not only unusual speed and excellent quality, and create a new record in the history of railway construction in China, but also for future large-scale railway construction has accumulated valuable experience. Along the Beijing-Kowloon Railway bountiful, mineral-rich, radiation population of tens of millions. When completed, will no doubt be greatly facilitated along the property and the development of mineral resources, and promote the development of areas along the rapid development of economically underdeveloped areas. In the same time, it's built not only can ease the pressure on the transportation of the Beijing-Shanghai and Beijing-Guangzhou railway, but also conducive to scientific and rational way to improve the economic structure of our country, to strengthen economic ties in coastal and inland areas, promotion of North China, East China, Central South, southern China's reform and economic development. Now, a Beijing-Kowloon railway construction as an opportunity, the comprehensive development of the good momentum of the economy are the areas along the rise. Around full use of this advantage of the traffic study economic development strategy, adjust industrial layout, improve the investment environment, and promote the development of resources to promote the development of the inland areas, to narrow the gap and the gap between the North and the South. A new Beijing-Kowloon Railway radiation with economic growth of the north-south, will soon be formed. July 1, 1997, after the integration of the Beijing-Kowloon Railway and the Kowloon Railway, north-south steel dragon the strengthening of the Hong Kong and Macao and the Mainland region's economy, culture, personnel exchanges, particularly the expansion of Hong Kong's economic hinterland, the prosperity of Hong Kong market enhance Hong Kong's international competitiveness, consolidate Hong Kong's position as an international center of finance, trade, navigation, tourism, as well as more investment opportunities for overseas businessmen, and promote the development of export-oriented economy in the Mainland, will have a positive impact. [L $ dj¦Ó.¨­r¨À]
Beijing-Kowloon Railway
longest Jiang Zemin wrote an inscription for the Beijing-Kowloon Railway Bridge - Jiujiang Yangtze River Bridge. Bridge length of 7675 m and a maximum span of 216 meters, is currently the most technically advanced double-decker railway bridge. Majestic
Gan River Bridge during the day. This bridge is high, very difficult construction, builders have the bull by the horns, and overcome numerous technical difficulties in the timely completion of the work period.

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