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September 2.1853-Ostwald, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was born

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September 2, 1853 (on July 29 Guichou), winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry Ostwald was born. In In 1853, Ostwald was born "target =" _blank "> Ostwald was born in Riga, Latvia, Russia and a child he was eager to learn chemistry with special interests and hobbies. he used to buy back all kinds of chemicals from the pharmacy, to do all kinds of toys, and sometimes do tri-color flame spray fireworks tube, sometimes the small size of the firecrackers in 1875 he graduated from the Duoer Pa Sturt University and in 1878 received his Ph.D. and become a professor at Riga Technical Institute in 1882. since he began the study of chemical kinetics career.

Ostwald, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was born
Ostwald contribution is multi-faceted. 1887-1906 years, he served as a professor at the University of Leipzig. Swedish chemist Arrhenius theory of weak electrolyte, he conducted in-depth research, and the development of many ways, he studied the catalytic process, successfully completed naming ammonia oxidation extraction study of the oxidation of ammonia, ammonia synthesis to create the conditions for this achievement he spoke highly of the world scientific community, to become a world-renowned physical chemist. due to make an important contribution in physical chemistry in 1909, obtained the promise Bell chemistry prize. (history cn)
However, Ostwald scientific research in his life, has had two serious errors. First, he founded the "Energy On oppose materialism. "energy" is the origin of all things., he said: "Why did the bell can walk around it? because they are on time every week to give the bell Clockwork Yet when spring loose another thing to make clock also is not gone, but still clock clockwork as usual you seen not clockwork, but are hidden in the winding bell to go away, this is the energy. " This view of "the only energy intense criticism by many famous chemist, so that he could not continue to teach at the university in 1906, he resigned from the duties of a professor of the University of Leipzig to the suburban villa had played a reclusive life. During World War I, the German arms production gradually arrhythmia, the Germans repeatedly thwarted. the German royal one meter Ostwald ask, he always indifferent, refused special official's salary. Later, the German media circles to motivate him: & ldquo ; Health Teutons, how can despite seeing the destruction of the Germanic peoples? "he forced to propose the use of easily obtained ammonia nitrate to a large number of manufacturing, in order to maintain the huge arms production, the Germans at the end of the war they linger more than a year, cast a big mistake in his life the
after the First World War, Osterwalder more do not come out things and painstaking cultivation in the village, until his death in 1932.

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