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September 2.1856-God Bless America Tianjing Incident

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The (hare on August fourth day), September 2, 1856, the Taiping Tianjing Incident. "

God Bless America Tianjing Incident
1856, North King Wei the Mukden Wang Chao, kill Dong Wang Yang. Hong Xiuquan worship God founder of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom's highest leaders. Yang not only from Jintian uprising, has been under control of the Taiping Army, National Chengchi University the right to, and the use of special status, share the the Hong Xiuquan highest religious say on behalf of the Father rumors. Capital Tianjing the one hand, the of Hong Xiuquan increasingly emphasizes Emperor instrument system and indulge in religious superstition, latent ranking palace negligent in affairs of state, Dong Wang Yang raw power over their own; On the other hand, Yang grown arrogant, stay at the helm hijack Hong Xiuquan, oppress and colleagues, to establish their own power. Hong Xiuquan fact has become a puppet. Therefore, the Taiping whether religious or political, the military, a nominal leader of the meal, there is a de facto leader. This contradiction, in the early days, the country against the enemy in order to survive the common aspiration of the concealed. In the first half of 1856, the Taiping expedition won a brilliant victory: a series of break Jiangbei, (TodayinHistory.cn) Jiangnan Camp, the Tianjing peripheral threat has been released. Yang is victory dazzled, vicious expansion of the lust for power, eager to scrap Hong Zili. August 22, Yang rumors on behalf of the Father, Zhao Hong Xiuquan East Palace, forcing Hong Xiuquan seal itself as "long live", the intensification of the contradictions of the leadership within the Group. Hong Xiuquan immediately Mi Zhao Wei Changhui, Jiangxi, Hubei, Shi Dakai and Zhenjiang Qin Rigang isokinetic back. September 1, Wei Changhui with elite troops 3000 back to tianjing the earlier back Jing Qin Rigang, with the, surrounded by East Palace. Qin with followers to kill Yang and their families, the Ministry of the congregation. 4, Wei Changhui booby traps 5000 in the Tianjing East men at all levels of civil and military and their families. The Eastern king subordinates Yuzhong resist, the two sides launched a bloody battle, which lasted for two months. The both killed twenty-three people, the the Taiping Jintian uprising since many middle and upper classes cadres died in civil strife that this autocorrelation massacre. In mid-September the Ground in rush back from Wuchang Tianjing dissatisfied Wei Changhui killing of innocents. Wei Changhui underway to kill to kill Shi Dakai. Up to open the night to escape Tianjing. Wei Changhui kill to stay in Beijing married, and send the Qin Rigang shuaibing to kill up to open. Up to open to Anqing, convened by the Ministry of the congregation 40000, since Bingtao the Wei and a letter to Hong Xiuquan, Wei Changhui heads, otherwise triumphant return back to Beijing to clear the king side. Wei Changhui the siege of the King. Hong Xiuquan and inward officers and men of clear understanding of the true face of the Wei Changhui punish Wei Changhui. The Day Programme Qin soldiers outside, Hong Xiuquan send troops escorted back to beheading. Over two months of Tianjing confound (also known as the Yang Wei Incident) was averted. In November, soldiers and civilians Tianjing Shi Dakai Hui Zhao Zuo government. King give his MG Road (Dakai inexpensive so unaffected). Ground in trying to reverse the critical situation, but were kings guess the jealous. Following year, up to open forced to led his troops home, left tianjing. The Tianjing Incident this Leadership Group's internal struggle, causing serious consequences, the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom from prosperity to decline. (History. Cn)

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