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September 2.1870-French defeat in the Battle of Sedan

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On August seventh day) (Gengwu years, September 2, 1870, the French defeat in the Battle of Sedan. In, September

French defeat in the Battle of Sedan
1870 French defeat in the Battle of Sedan.
date (on com) French emperor Napoleon III met with German Chancellor Bismarck, formally signed the Instrument of Surrender. Napoleon III, the French army Marshal McMahon and 39 generals and 100,000 soldiers do all the captives of the Prussians. Color when the Battle of the Sino-French army of 1.7 million people died, captured 10.3 million people, the Germans only casualties 0.9 million people.
Comments: color when the battle is one of the largest in the Franco-Prussian War, the first battle, the defeat of the French army of Napoleon III captured accelerated the demise of the Second Empire.

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