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September 2.1905-Qing government abolished the imperial examination system

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September 2, 1905 (, Otomi August fourth day), the Qing government to the abolition of the imperial examination system. Gongyuan, (lsjt.org) capital in the imperial examinations

Qing government abolished the imperial examination system
previous students who are the most desirable and most fear
September 1905, Yuan Zhang Zhidong petitioned the legislature stop the imperial examination, in order to promote the school, salty increasingly real learning. The Qing court Chao quasi-since 1906 all township will try and stop all provinces Year of the examinations shall cease, and the Student Affairs Minister presented a variety of textbooks quickly instructed the governors strength through chips strictly ordered the House Office of counties quickly Xiangcheng around a dense collection of Mongolian small school.
imperial examination system Sui after the set examinations selection of the feudal dynasty officials of the regime, the Polyclinic were admitted named. Han Dynasty have been exam Scholars of the law, but the Department of provisional measures, do not form a custom. Emperor Wen abolition of monopolies for the Aristocracy grade System in Kaihuang seven years (AD 587), located Shiyuki repair would like Qingping dry economic, Division II. Until the time of Emperor Yang set of Jinshi. Tang Dynasty of Jinshi reset scholar, Ming Law, specification, operator Ming Zhu Branch, have a history of three history, Kaiyuan ceremony, the boys, daoists Division. (L $ jτ.cń) the Wu Zetian pro line DianShi, additional weapons held. By the emperor Tezhao held by said Controls Branch. Among all subjects, except of Jinshi Permanent most important. Song after only toward the imperial examination system of Jinshi. Tang and Song of Jinshi main exam Poems and. Jade Ashmore use by the justice instead the Song Shenzong Xining. Yuan, Ming and Qing utensils law. By the justice of the Ming and Qing dynasties, the "Four", "Five Classics" textual provisions of article format stereotyped, are to be construed in accordance with Zhu Xi's "Four Books" book. (Lsjt.org) In the 80s of the 19th century, with the development of the spread of Western learning and Westernization Movement, the imperial examination system is changed. In 1888, the Qing government quasi imputed subjects were admitted, the natural sciences for the first time included in the content of the examination. In 1898, additional economic Hedo Recommendation of the only economic change with time. At the same time, should the Kang Youwei proposals, waste Bagu change trial strategy theory, Wu Ce proposition is strictly prohibited with Style "and Female Clothes pros and cons scheduled to compete. After the failure of the Reform Movement, the the Empress ordered all exam information system as usual. September
1901, the Qing government to implement the "New Deal", around the border province have memorialized revert to the reform of the imperial examination, economic recovery and Hedo In 1904, the Qing government promulgated the "outs School Regulation, the The imperial examination has been changed Bagu for policy theory, but has not been abolished. As a result of the imperial examination and fortune where it receives congratulations difficult development of the new schools, therefore the the Qing court Chao quasi Yuan Shikai, Zhang Zhidong outs will be educating people, taken together in the school a passer. At this point, in the history of China continues 1,300 years of imperial examination system was eventually abolished imperial examinations and school education to achieve a complete separation.

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