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September 2.1954-"Provisional Regulations on public-private industrial enterprises by

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September 2, 1954 (Jiawu August sixth days), "public-private industrial enterprises Provisional Regulations" through.

"Provisional Regulations on public-private industrial enterprises by

September 1954, the "Provisional Regulations on public-private industrial enterprises through
September 1954, the State Council through the public-private industrial Enterprise Provisional Regulations ". The regulation provides: of capitalist enterprise implementation of public-private partnerships should be based on the needs of the country, enterprise transformation might capitalists voluntary. The joint venture socialism ingredients of the leading private equity legitimate rights and interests are protected. The joint venture shall comply with the national plan. The surplus of the joint venture, the balance pay income tax in accordance with the law, corporate provident fund, corporate incentives and dividends and bonus three should be a reasonable allocation. Shareholders' dividends, plus the director, manager and director remuneration to account for about 25% of the annual gross surplus.

Reviews: public-private partnerships are just the first step, the private part will eventually be destroyed

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