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September 2.1969-The first ATM machine was unveiled in New York

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September 2, 1969 (, Jiyou July 21), the first ATM machine was unveiled in New York. September

The first ATM machine was unveiled in New York
1969, in 1969, on this day, the first automatic teller machine (ATM) at the Bank of New York for the first time public appearance.
ATM Automatic Teller Machine acronym meaning ATMs. It is a highly sophisticated electromechanical integration equipment, use of magnetic cards or smart IC card to store user information and enter the password, and then verified through the bank's internal network through an encrypted keyboard (EPP) and financial self-service equipment for a variety of transactions. The emergence of the ATM alleviate the pressure on the bank counter staff to provide a safe and convenient financial services experience, more human. (On TodayOnHistory.com)
ATM functionality including: cash withdrawals, cash deposits, balance inquiries, the Bank or different line transfer, modify passwords and other basic functions; Some multifunction ATM also provide such as passbook printing print statements, check deposits, envelope deposits, pay bills, recharge of a series of convenient services.
ATM composition can be divided into 2 parts: the hardware system of hardware and software systems: safe hardware system consists of the lower half and the upper half of the electronic cabinet constitute the main framework; safe containing cash processing module - & mdash ; movement, electronic cabinet contains a PC card reader, journal printer, receipt printer, communications control panel or input-output (IO) control panel; the machine externally panel part; panel section are designed in accordance with ergonomic principles, consideration of the card reader port position, the keyboard position, the gate position, the display position and its user height and angle, etc..
software systems: software systems are generally divided into three; first-class level for the media program, the underlying drivers of the various modules; second level dynamic library level, is responsible for encapsulating media program and on to the the ATMC (ATM control software) provides the interface; third is ATMC, it down is responsible for scheduling all modules upward responsible for communications and the banking system, the completion of the entire service control process. Four options, DOS, OS / 2, LINUX, WINDOWS operating system, makes it ultimately lost to OS / 2 the ATM platform market competition due to the single-tasking DOS-proportion less than 1% Express few manufacturers vintage machine, OS / 2 used to be mainstream, and now IBM is not providing support for OS / 2, so it lost market, LINUX is just beginning, and now the mainstream market WINDOWS system Most of the embedded XP system.
so classic machine, memorable, affecting people's lives.

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