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September 4.2001-The European Commission adopted a new strategy in Asia

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July 17 (Government House), September 4, 2001, the European Commission adopted a new strategy in Asia.

2001, the European Commission adopted a new Asia strategy, aimed at strengthening the relationship between the EU and Asian countries, and strengthen the EU's presence in Asia. This is the second adjustment of the EU's Asia policy adopted by the EU in 1994, an Asia policy.
This is known as the "Eurasian: strengthening the framework of Partnership Strategy" document states that the EU this new policy in Asia is based on a new strategic change in the world, focusing on the two sides to develop in the next decade to develop relations 's. The paper argues that the EU in recent years, the growing role on the international stage, therefore, the relationship between Europe and Asia have to adapt to the changing status of the EU in international relations. To this end, the EU will make efforts in six areas: strengthen the EU and Asia in the political and security aspects of the consultation, the development of bilateral economic and trade relations and investment to reduce poverty in Asia, to promote democracy in Asia, good governance and the rule of law countries building, with the main partner countries in Asia to establish a worldwide alliance to promote mutual understanding between the EU and Asian countries. The first Asian policy documents
EU adopted in 1994.

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