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September 3.1905-Anderson was born, the discoverer of the positron and negative electrons, "meson"

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September 3, 1905 (, Otomi August fifth day), positron and negative electrons, the discoverer of the "meson" Anderson was born. The American physicist

Anderson was born, the discoverer of the positron and negative electrons, "meson"
Anderson born "target =" _blank "> discovery of all the research work of the the Anderson
Anderson and two elementary particles is closely related to both elementary particle, one positron other negative electron ($ djτ.cōm) Anderson
is the son of Swedish immigrants, was born in New York City on September 3, 1905, and studied at the California Institute of Technology, received his Ph.D. in 1930, he entire academic career are spent here, in 1939, served as professor of physics until his retirement in 1978.
1930, Anderson began shooting cosmic rays through the cloud chamber tracks trace to study cosmic rays. He found that a positively charged particles is almost the same, and those with negatively charged particles frequently appear. this negatively charged particles it is clear that the electronics, but those with positively charged particles is obviously not proton (proton was only known positively charged particles), because they are not sufficiently in a cloud chamber ionization. Finally, Anderson infer that "logical answer only one: Such particles and negatively charged free electrons compared them with the same amount of positive charge and the quality of the same order of magnitude. "In fact, such a particle is a positron, Anderson announced in September 1932 that its existence; The following year, he concluded Patrick - Blackett and Giuseppe - Auki Yali Ni confirmed this, Anderson won the 1936 Nobel Prize in Physics.
same year, (L $ djτ.cōm) Anderson observed that some of the more rare tracks of cosmic ray particles, such particles look heavier than electrons but lighter than protons 1938, such particles are renamed meson, 1947 and Cecil Bo Weier found another more lively meson distinguished Anderson found kind of meson called μ meson the Cecil π-meson soon be explained, Anderson μ meson is still far to figure out.

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