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September 3.1936-Non-interference in the Spanish Civil War signatories

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September 3, 1936, July 18 (Rat), non-interference in the Spanish Civil War, the signing of the Agreement.

1936 summer, the outbreak of the civil war between the leftist parties, the Popular Front government and the Franco-led fascist armed rebellion in Spain. German and Italian fascists supporting the rebels, armed intervention against Spain, dispatched a large number of aircraft to transport the rebels and weapons and ammunition, troops and warships sent to Spain, along with the rebels to attack the Government of the Republic. The United Kingdom, France, to take "non-interference" policy of fascist aggression. September 3, 1936, at the initiative of France, Britain, 27 European countries signed an agreement of "non-interference in the Spanish Civil War, prohibited weapons exports to Spain to prohibit the transit of weapons purchased in Spain. A few days later in London set up a "non-interference Committee, supervise the implementation of the agreements. Non-interference agreements hinder the weapons of the Spanish Republic and the people of all countries on the support of the national revolutionary war against fascist aggression in Spain.

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