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September 3.1992-Mainland reporters for the first official delegation going to Taiwan to interview

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On September 3, 1992 (, Ren Shen August seventh day), the mainland reporters the first official delegation going to Taiwan interview.

should the invitation of Taiwan's Straits Exchange Foundation and the mainland reporters to Taiwan to interview team and 18-member delegation, September 3, 1992 early morning flight left Beijing embarked on a trip to Taiwan to interview. (History. Com)
The event is separated after 43 years across the Taiwan Strait, the mainland first official delegation to Taiwan reporters interview. (L $ dj¦Ó.§«§§T)
to come to the airport to see him off, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait, member of the Secretariat of the of Liu Gangqi and the All-China Journalists Association, Wang Zhe people in an interview with reporters, said that after some twists and turns, this subcontinent reporters to Taiwan to interview, a big step for the two-way exchange of cross-strait press nine months to set up the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait, which contributed to the mainland reporters for the first time a delegation to Taiwan to interview. They said the relevant departments in Taiwan for his efforts in gratitude and hope this is the beginning of the two-way exchange of future cross-strait press wider.
mainland reporter Their visit to Taiwan by the People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China Journalists Association, the Central People's Broadcasting Station, China Central Television, China News Agency, Outlook Weekly, China Youth Daily, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily, Workers Daily, 17 Fortnightly Chat Magazine, Voice of the Straits Radio, modern Chinese magazine, unidad station Echo Magazine, Fujian Daily News units composed of 18 journalists. cross-strait news
isolated 40 years, two-way exchange of September 5 to take the first step, by several mainland reporters to Taiwan to interview team arrived 12:10 Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, the moment the spotlight flashing microphone "tradition", the Taiwan counterparts warmly recorded a new moment in the development of cross-strait relations.
18 mainland Chinese journalists from 17 news organizations warmly welcomed at the airport by Taiwan's Straits Exchange Foundation. Interview team Zhai like dry, head of the Taiwanese counterparts waiting at the airport, said the visit would open the door for the two-way exchange of cross-strait news. The week's interview, the interview team will seek truth from facts reported in Taiwan's seen and heard, so that people on the mainland to understand Taiwan. Enhance the mutual understanding between the two sides, and to communicate the feelings between the people on both sides. He said that this line of "hard-won" hoping to strike it open, the door to cross-strait exchanges and more mainland journalists can go to Taiwan to visit, access and interviews.
invitation and promote this line "SEF Chairman Koo Chen-fu, afternoon mainland reporters met with said the two sides the avoidance of doubt, consensus building, and requires the concerted efforts of all Chinese people," sea-based would be "willing to become a bridge for cross-strait exchanges, he believes that strengthening cross-strait news exchanges," will have a significant positive impact on the development and improvement of cross-strait relations. "

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